Win the Jackpot with Cash Fire Slots

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We’re going back (quite) a few years here. But if you were a fan of the 90s movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner, then Fire Archer is just the slot you need for an action-packed year ahead. You may even with the jackpot with cash fire slots :p

In the movie Robin Hood and his merry men took their archery to the next level by lighting their arrows on fire before shooting them. And that’s exactly what’s happening in this archery themed slot too. Make sure you’ve got your arrows because it’s time to ready, aim, FIRE! Cash fire slots ahead.

New from Pragmatic Play, Fire Archer is set in the days of the Middle Ages.

Taking elements from both Robin Hood and fairy tales and combining them into one electrifying slots game. Situated in the deep green of a medieval forest. The slot features themed symbols. Including hats, beer mugs, arrows, an archer, a bullseye and more, all in an entertaining cartoon style. Talk about cash fire slots.

Archery targets are round but Fire Archer’s game area is square. With a 5×5 reel format offering a 4,000x top payout to lucky players. A 96.07% RTP will help you on your way to winning, while bonus features like wilds, super wilds, scatters and free spins will make the journey that much more exciting.

It’s all about giving back.

Robin Hood used to rob from the rich to give to the poor so we know he’s all about affordability, and Fire Archer is too. With a minimum bet of $0.25 per spin. And a betting range that extends all the way up to $125 for a max bet. If your bankroll’s on the lean side, rather play it safe with a smaller bet. But if you can afford to make even one or two max bets, it might be worth thinking about. As a max bet with a top jackpot win will see you walking away with an unbelievable $500,000! Now this is cash fire slots.

Time to aim for a winning target, which you’ll be able to do straight away with the wild symbol. On its own, the wild will substitute for other regular symbols. Helping you to complete winning combos and claim a payout. Find 5 wilds on a payline and they’ll form a winning combo of their own, paying you 30x your original bet!

You’ll also have super wilds to look out for as well.

Symbols that will expand in any and every direction at random when they land, adding more wild symbols to the reels as they go. More wilds mean more wins and more excitement too! Cash fire slots.

Fire Archer isn’t done spreading winning opportunities though. Find 3 scatters on the reels and you’ll instantly be rewarded with 5 free spins. These are no ordinary spins though. Instead they’ll bring super wilds your way with every roll of the reels, and give you a guaranteed modifier with each round. Find 2 scatters on the reels at the same time during your bonus round and you’ll take your super wilds to the next level. Getting yourself on target for even more thrilling wins! Cash fire slots all the way.

So if you’re aiming for a slots jackpot this year, get Fire Archer in your sights. A golden opportunity awaits!

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