£5 Million Golden Bingo Ticket for 888Ladies 5th Anniversary

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888Ladies is one of many brainchild divisions of the European-based online gambling group, 888 Holdings. One of the world’s leading operators of internet gaming sites, 888 is proud of its multiplicity of online bingo brands. At the moment, however, all of the attention is going to 888Ladies in celebration of its 5th anniversary, promoted by a special Golden Ticket Bingo Game that could be worth as much as £5,000,000 to the winner.

Between the dates of February 20 and April 6, members of 888Ladies Bingo can earn up to four golden tickets for the big £5 million jackpot game, slated for April 13. There’s six different ways to earn tickets, and by earning a virtual ticket at the online bingo room, they will commemorate the occasion by sending you a real “golden ticket”? in the mail. So win or lose in the long run, you will at least have a souvenir to venerate your participation in this momentous promotion.

Although the size of the impending prize will vary based on how quickly the eventual winner’s numbers are called ““ as is the traditional regiment for jackpot bingo games ““ 888Ladies is guaranteeing a minimum of £50,000. The actual prize is determined by a sliding scale, which is described in the promotional terms and conditions as such:

“The Sliding Jackpot refers to a bingo game with a jackpot that decreases with every call after 24 calls have been made. There is always a minimum amount guaranteed. The Final Jackpot Game has a guaranteed jackpot of £50,000. The maximum amount that can be won is £5,000,000. The jackpot will ‘slide’ down by £1,000,000 with every call after 24, by £500,000 with every call after 27, by £100,000 with every call after 29, by £50,000 with every call after 36, by £5,000 with every call after 40 calls and by £1,000 with every call after 48 until reaching the fixed, guaranteed £50,000.”?

All real-money members of 888Ladies Bingo are welcome to take part in the promotion, and all golden tickets are absolutely free. However, you will have to work to earn those free tickets. There are six ways to get your hands on as many as four golden tickets per player.

New members of 888Ladies who make their first deposit are entered into the daily raffle where 5 new players will receive one golden ticket each day.  Another 10 tickets are raffled off daily amongst all members who purchase £30+ worth of instant-win scratch games in a single day. Successfully referring friends to the online bingo room is another way to earn a ticket, but there are only 5 raffled off each week for refer-a-friend participants.

Players can, of course, win golden tickets by simply playing online bingo games. 888Ladies is hosting special golden ticket games every day in the Ladies First, Engaged Ladies and Lucky 5 bingo lounges. VIPs will also have access to the £5M Golden Ticket Room every day at 8:30pm, where one lucky player can win the jackpot; £50 plus a golden ticket.

Last but not least, the online bingo site will be hiding golden tickets all over the world wide web via social sites and chats. They aren’t being too poignant on exactly when or where these tickets will show up. But they do advise members to make sure to pay attention to the chat room while playing at 888Ladies, and like them on Facebook for a chance to discover a randomly hidden golden ticket.

The big £50k-£5m Golden Ticket bingo game will take place on April 13, 2013 at 888Ladies Bingo in the £5M Golden Ticket Room at 9pm. The game will be played as 75 Ball Bingo with a classic “coverall”? pattern. Again, tickets are free if you can get your hands on them. Good luck!

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