Andrew Brokos Joins Team PokerStars Online

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Andrew “Foucault” Brokos is a professional poker player who focuses most of his intention towards online cash games. Over the last few weeks, he has drawn attention to his blog by alluding to a big announcement, but it wasn’t until today that he finally let the cat out of the bag. The celebrated online poker player finally revealed that he will be joining Team PokerStars Online throughout 2011.

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Brokos is a member of several major online poker sites where he has been known to frequent the mid-stakes cash games, especially No Limit Texas Holdem. His success at such online poker cash tables has been significant, to put it mildly, but the new deal struck between Andrew Brokos and PokerStars will see him focus his full attentions on the virtual felt of the world’s largest online poker site.

“I can honestly say that it [is] an honor to represent Poker Stars,” Andrew asserted on his blog post earlier today. “Not only do they offer the best games and the best customer service of any site I’ve ever played on, but they are by far the most trustworthy and upstanding. To the Poker Ethicist, that stuff is important.”

Brokos, better known as “Foucault” to his PokerStars opponents, went on to praise the thoughtful decision making of PokerStars representatives when beseeching members of the online poker room for their input regarding the site’s various changes and advancements. The way PokerStars caters to the needs of all of its players, not just the largest typographical groups, has impressed Brokos since he joined the poker room several years back.

“There are people who understand poker and look out for the interests of all of their players, not just those who play high stakes or high volume, calling the shots, and the result is the best online poker site on the internet,” Brokos commended the management team behind PokerStars.

For those who are curious as to Andrew’s online poker moniker, the name Foucault comes from the French philosopher, sociologist and historian of ideas, Michel Foucault. Brokos has said in previous interviews that his studies of Foucault – “one of my favorite writers as a philosophy student [in] college” – actually contributed to his choice to play poker.

Brokos is a regular contributor to the 2+2 forums database of poker strategy articles, and has even had a little success on the live poker tournament circuit. His live tournament cashes currently amount to $347,979, including a 35th place finish in the 2008 WSOP Championship worth $193k, and an 87th place finish in the 2010 WSOP Championship that netted $79,806.

With his new position as an official member of Team PokerStars Online, Andrew “Foucault” Brokos offered an amusing invitation to all fans of poker, closing his blog post with: “…if you see me at the tables (soon to be sporting a headshot of yours truly as my avatar), be sure to say hi – I’m now contractually obligated to talk to you!”

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