Peter “apathy123” Jetten Joins Full Tilt Poker Pros

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Full Tilt Poker has for years been the biggest online poker room in terms of signing pro poker players. PokerStars has been the most vigorous rival in that department, thus the acquisition of Isildur1 – recently confirmed to be 20 year old Swedish poker pro Viktor Blom – has left Full Tilt Poker with a bit of a void to fill.

Enter stage right Peter Jetten, a 25 year old career high stakes poker player, and the newest addition to the online poker team affectionately termed Full Tilt Pros. A modest card player by nature, Jetten’s meek beginnings quickly turned into professional status over the last six years.

Jetten began playing poker online in 2004, starting with nothing at all in his virtual wallet. He played in two freeroll tournaments that netted him a combined total of $75. That was enough to get Jetten into a number of low stakes cash tables and tournaments that resulted in a year-end profit upwards of $100,000; not bad for a player who never bothered to deposit a single coin of his own money.

Known to the online poker community as “apathy123”, Peter has racked up $652,236 in online poker tournament cashes, his largest win coming in a £20k High Roller event during the 2008 European Poker Championships where a 4th place finish earned him £189,000.

“I’m very excited to be with Full Tilt. I’ve always liked them,” Jetten stated in a related press conference. “They are a very reputable site so I’m proud to represent them…”

On the heels of his new Full Tilt Pro promotion, Jetten understands that his presence in the online poker community has made him a target of sorts; a challenge for some, a force to be reckoned with for others. But his live poker tournament prowess is nothing to be overlooked.

Although his name is not yet among the most familiar in the live poker circuit, Jetten is certainly climbing the ranks with vigor. He has already unearthed nearly $2 million in live tournament winnings; $1,842,599 to be exact.

As Peter “apathy123” Jetten continues to fire away at his opponents on the real and virtual felt, his new position as an esteemed Full Tilt Pro will surely help him to build a name for himself. So the next time you visit the high stakes poker tables over at Full Tilt, remember there is a new face you need to be watching out for.

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