Will Hellmuth Join Full Tilt Poker After Leaving UB.com?

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Just one week after pro poker players Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke both ended their sponsorship contracts with UB.com, Full Tilt Poker has already had a sit down with the ‘Poker Brat’ to discuss possible terms of a new contract with the top leading poker room.

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We all know that Phil Hellmuth enjoys the limelight, so it’s really no surprise that he’s looking for a new sponsor to fund his antics on the live and virtual felt. Annie Duke, on the other hand, has stated publically that she has no intention of signing a contract with any other online poker room.

Hellmuth met with directors of Full Tilt Poker; this information catered so kindly by Phil himself as he Tweeted, “Now meeting w Full Tilt Poker! At SW Steakhouse bar at Wynn…” But there are a lot of speculations as to whether he will accept whatever offer they are posing to him.

Surely FTP would love to acquire the attention seeking (and getting) brat of poker, the man everyone loves to hate, especially now as PokerStars just signed the mysterious “Isildur1” who was just finally revealed to be Viktor Blom. The combination of Phil Hellmuth, who specializes in poker tournament methodologies, and Phil Ivey, a high stakes cash game extraordinaire, would give the online poker room a perfect balance of card playing eye candy (referring to the hands more so than the guys) for its amateur onlookers.

Then again, Phil and Phil aren’t the best of pals, and Hellmuth in particular may have a hard time sharing the spotlight with someone as successful as Ivey. Plus, we all know that Hellmuth enjoys his ignominious appearances on televised poker shows like Big Game and High Stakes Poker (almost as much as we enjoy watching him throw his little toddler tantrums around the table). Unfortunately, both shows are sponsored by PokerStars, and FTP doesn’t allow its pros to participate in anything televised and sponsored by PokerStars.

CardPlayer tracked down Phil Hellmuth and asked him about his plans. He relayed a number of possibilities, but nothing even as reliable as wet concrete. “Certainly I’ll be talking to a lot of sites, whether it’s PokerStars, Full Tilt, Bodog, whatever, and there’s going to be a deal out there that makes the most sense to me. I’m not just speaking financially because it’s really important that I also have a good fit with the brand as well.”

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