New Multi-Entry Tournaments at Full Tilt Poker

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Full Tilt Poker has spent the last seven years innovating the online poker industry. The second largest poker site in the world, Full Tilt has introduced a number of popular ways to play the game, including cashout tournaments and Matrix sit’n’gos. Their latest advancement, known as multi-entry poker tournaments, is just another prime example of their superiority in the business.

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Multi-entry poker tournaments allow a player to enter the same tournament more than once. Now a player can use this to effectively re-buy into a tournament, which is nothing new in theory, however they also have the option of buying into the same tournament multiple times from the start of the event.

Imagine playing numerous hands, at separate tables, all at the same time in the same tournament. Some players have opened multiple accounts to do this very thing, which is strictly prohibited by just about every online poker room on the world wide web. This time, it is an unrestricted practice and perfectly accepted.

Full Tilt Poker has set up its new multi-entry tournaments in such a way that no single player will ever have two hands playing at the same table. Should the number of tables shrink below the number of hands a player is currently running, their multi-entries will be instantly consolidated to resolve the problem.

Players also have the option of consolidating their entries at any time during a multi-entry poker tournament. Note that a player is not allowed to have more than one hand playing in the final table, should they reach that far into the tournament with more than one seat still occupied. Again, automatic consolidation is applied.

There is always a limit to the number of hands a player may choose to buy-in for. The limit will always be displayed in the tournament lobby. To track the progress of each entry, you can click the convenient ‘Show My Entries’ box on the player list.

The evolution of online poker is truly awe inspiring when you think about it. There are so many more opportunities allotted when playing online poker as opposed to a live poker setting. While the WSOP, WPT and other major poker championships will never likely see a drop in appreciation, the online poker industry is sure to see a continued, dramatic incline as the world’s top online poker rooms persist in the innovation of the many ways to play poker over the internet.

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