Double Gaurantees Prize Pool Week at Full Tilt Poker

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Double your pleasure, double your fun, double your prize pool at Full Tilt Poker! The world’s second largest online poker room is launching a week-long promotion that any internet poker fan can truly appreciate.

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For one week only, starting Monday January 24, 2011, Full Tilt Poker is doubling the value of all of its weekly guaranteed prize pool tournaments. The poker site already pays out more than $15 million in guaranteed tourneys each and every week. That means that for the next week, players can scoop up their share of $30 million in guaranteed prize pools!

The promotion has been labeled the “Double Guarantees Week” at Full Tilt Poker. You may have also heard recently about Full Tilt’s new “Multi-Entry Tournaments” promo. If so, you know that the online poker room has opened special tournaments to multiple entries, allowing a single player to enter an event up to a limited number of times.

Full Tilt is combining these promotions for the Double Guarantees Week so that players can increase their chances of getting a piece of the 2x pie.

To better explain, let’s say you enter a $50k GTD for $100, with up to 5 multi-entries per player. You could enter five seats from the start of the tournament for $500, playing out all five seats at separate tables, or use the multi-entries to rebuy into the tournament should you get knocked out early on. Multi-entries can also be consolidated into less seats; an automatic feature should the tables become too few to support all of your entries (i.e. no player can hold more than one seat at the same table).

There are hundreds of weekly guarantees at Full Tilt Poker, including prize pools in excess of $100k every day of the week. Sunday is the biggest day for GTD prize tourneys, and the payouts on this upcoming weekend will be phenomenal.

The Sunday Brawl normally guarantees $400,000, jumping to $800,000 this weekend. The $200k Double Deuce will escalate to $400k GTD and everyone’s favorite challenge of the week – the $750k GTD – will guarantee at least $1.5 million.

The total payout, minus any tournaments that receive enough entries to exceed their guaranteed allotment, will be $30,144,000. That’s a lot of dough to be distributed among the top tournament competitors at the online poker room in a single week’s time.

Double Guarantees Week begins Monday morning, January 24, and will continue through Sunday night, January 30 at Full Tilt Poker.

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