Benefits of Gambling

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Alright alright, this title might sound slightly controversial but, we like to delve deep into tricky issues here at While there is certainly controversy around gambling and its uses, there are many positive effects that it brings to individuals as well as society as a whole. Here are a few big ones:


  1. Helps the Economy: That’s right, gambling helps the economy! Many casinos attract thousands of people from outside the town, tourists if you will. What do these tourists do? They spend money on local businesses, restaurants and in turn, spend money in the town/city’s casino. This all filters back through the government and right back into the economy.


  1. Entertainment: This may sound obvious but, it is in fact a form of entertainment. People spend hundreds of dollars on art shows, sporting tickets, concerts. Nobody gained anything in return for the ticket itself but the point is, they went, had fun and came home satisfied. The same can be argued for casino goers. They spent $200, had a blast and were thoroughly entertained. And hey, they might have even met a few new friends at the blackjack table!


  1. Profit: Yes, the obvious. You could actually win! And the odds are not entirely stacked against you. Every day large casinos pay out hefty sums to people who have won! Some even do it professionally and while it’s not for everyone, it can certainly be done.


  1. New Revenue Streams: Casinos employ thousands of people. And not just brick and mortar casinos but online ones too! It’s an entirely new source of revenue for many people.


Happy Spinning 😛

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