Blitzoo Delivers Top Mobile Casino Gaming Experience with Slotspot

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In a person’s busy and hectic lifestyle it is important to also have fun and enjoy. Blitzoo offers a range of games which are highly entertaining and addictive for players on different platforms.

A company such as Blitzoo offers a wide range of social as well as mobile games to players in different genres. There are a range of different games to suite the tastes of different types of players. Everyone needs to take some time away from work and relax. The games provided by this company provide a temporary release from stress and allow a person to enjoy themselves. There are different types of games for all and as the same can be played on a computer as well as a mobile, there is mobility and ease in reaching potential players and customers with ease.

Founded in 2009, Blitzoo has been producing games of various genres for players on different platforms. This helps players find something that interests them and which can be played on different devices. Their most popular casino game Blitzoo launched is Slotspot. There are different versions of this online slot game which can be played on computers and on other devices. This game was first released on Facebook, however currently there is a mobile version of the game available as well. The Slotspot Mobile is the mobile version of the original casino slot based game and can even be played on the Android platform as well as the iPhone. This is a slot based game with various features including coin bonuses, seamless graphics, rich graphics and story etc. You can also unlock various levels as you play which have bigger bonuses and more fun gameplay as well.

Casino Based Games

While the Slotspot Casino is the largest and most popular game by Blitzoo, they also have Slotspot Vegas for players to enjoy. Slotspot has a reported 2.1 million users and newer games are launched by the company such as Top Dog Hotel. This is also a slot game with a dog based theme. You need to line up similar items such as dog bowls fire hydrants etc. to win paylines. Further, there are also mini games within the main game which include feeding treats to the dogs etc. This game is currently only available on Facebook along with their other theme based slot games. These include Blood Lines which is a vampire based slot game, Reel Romance which is novel based and Vegas based Showgirl Classic and Diamond Edition. Each of these slot games also have a story line and other features such as smooth graphics, big payouts etc.

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