Brunson Protege Chris Moorman Gets 11th Triple Crown

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Chris “moorman1” Moorman has been attracting the attention of the online poker world since he was raised to the position of one of the elite Brunson 10 back in September of 2009. Doyle’s choice was clearly the right one as the young UK poker pro just scooped up a record breaking 11th Triple Crown victory playing online poker.

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A Triple Crown occurs when an online poker player takes first place in an online poker tournament with at least a $10k guaranteed prize pool at the three leading online poker rooms – PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and – all within a seven day period.

Moorman had already tied the record by achieving this impressive accomplishment ten times, but yesterday’s win at the PokerStars $50 re-buy and the Full Tilt Poker $60k Guarantee sealed the deal. Moorman had already ousted a field of 157 at the UB $50 Guarantee on January 11th.

All told, “moorman1” pocketed $47,458 for his 11th Triple Crown. $15k was awarded for the UB win, $13,821 from PokerStars and another $18,637 from Full Tilt Poker. Equally impressive was Moorman’s $8,463 win at the Full Tilt Poker $50 Cubed tourney, but that didn’t affect the Triple Crown victory as he had already won a tournament in that seven day period at Full Tilt.

At just 25 years of age, there were many skeptics when Doyle Brunson chose the young Englishman to be a part of his elite Brunson 10. When signing Moorman, Doyle had stated, “Moorman reminds me a lot of me, except for the British accent. He’s a poker natural, a legend in the making, and that’s why I’ve handpicked him to be the next member of The Brunson 10, my new team of elite poker players who truly are young legends of the game.”

I doubt there any cynics left after yesterday’s phenomenal history-making display.

After realizing his momentous triumph, Chris Moorman commented, “It’s been a long time since I won my last one and so it was a bit of a shock that I actually managed to close it out on the last possible day this time.”

Moorman won the annual leaderboard competition for online poker tournament success in 2009 and is currently sitting at the 15th position for 2011.

The outstanding poker pro has raked in a whopping $6,255,661 in online poker tournament winning since 2006. Commenting on his slow run throughout 2010, Moorman admitted that he wasn’t enjoying poker as much, which left him frustrated on the virtual felt. “I definitely didn’t play my A-game…” he said, but he took some time off to regroup and “came back a stronger player for it”.

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