Cake Poker Launches Online Blackjack Tournaments

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According to a recent press release from leading online poker network Cake this week, the network has incorporated online blackjack tournaments into its current menu of gaming opportunities, increasing the value for players exponentially.

The Cake Poker Network is working in conjunction with online gaming software developer 21GNET to introduce the new online blackjack tournaments to its players. 21GNET’s dynamic blackjack program offers the ability to allow players to compete against one another in a tournament format, rather than playing strictly against the dealer.

The online poker network is expecting the addition of online blackjack tournaments to further increase its player base as online poker cash games and tournaments are no longer the sole attraction for the Cake Poker Network’s multitude of associated online poker sites.

Andrew Turner, marketing director for the Cake Network, had this to say: “Having such a well executed game system running across the Cake Network is a fantastic addition for Cake Network players as well as providing our partners with the opportunity for an additional game option and revenue stream.”

The chief executive of 21GNET, Shane O’Connell, also commented on the new partnership. “To say we’re happy about this partnership is an understatement. Cake has been and continues to be an important industry player, and we are thrilled to unite with them.”

O’Connell went on to say that the partnership was a perfect fit, being equally beneficial for both parties involved. He stated that it would give 21Gnet “an extended reach and more capacity, and gives Cake a great new form of entertainment to offer their players.”

The spokesperson for 21GNET made it very clear that it is aware that the network is devoted to its poker players first and foremost, knowing that its “poker players will always be poker players at heart”, but that the goal is to extend blackjack tournaments as an equally conventional way to play card games in multi-table, prize pool fashion over the internet. “This deal,” O’Connell estimated, “puts us one step closer to making that happen”.

The Cake Network was designed on the concept of giving players exactly what they desire in an online poker community, with none of the adverse qualities found at other online poker sites. The network’s philosophy is to “offer world class solutions to world class partners”. Through such partnerships with more than 60 online poker operators, Cake’s flexible growth has continued to bring the company to the forefront of the industry, and the addition of online blackjack tournaments will only serve the further that concept.

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