Casino Trends for 2021

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New year, new gaming trends right? Online casinos are certainly not what they were a decade ago, or even give years ago. The graphics are crisp, the payment options are endless and customer support is instant. Most even offer a live dealer experience so it feels as though you’re in a brick and mortar environment. Lets take a look at some of the casino trends for 2021:

Mobile-Gaming: Mobile gambling is already very popular however, it is set to increase even more so in 2021. With players able to open their iphones and play from the comfort of their home, there is a huge appeal to mobile gaming. A lot of casinos even have apps to download making spinning the reels of your favorite slots that much more convenient.

Virtual Reality Gaming: It hasn’t exactly been tested however, this year, it’s expected to come to fruition. Players will actually feel as though they are walking around in a brick and mortar casino. The only difference? They will be placed at home.

More Cryptocurrency: As this method gains popularity, you’ll find more and more casinos allowing cryptocurrency as forms of payment. Some casinos being only cryptocurrency.

E-Sports Betting: While mobile phones become cheaper and more accessible, people from around the world are able to bet on their favorite sports through their mobiles as opposed to walking into a physical sports betting office.

Stay tuned for more trends of 2021!

Happy New Year 🙂



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