Choosing the Best Online Casino Payment Processors

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The online gambling community as a whole proffers a multitude of ways to deposit funds into your gaming account. If you’re new to online gaming, whether you prefer to wager on sports, casino games, poker tables or bingo, you may find the task of choosing a payment method to be a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when choosing your preferred payment method.

For the quickest results, credit cards are a great choice. If you’d rather not divulge your credit card information to every online casino, poker, bingo or sports betting site you choose to join, you could purchase a pre-paid gift card, or create an account with a secure e-wallet instead. E-wallets, like Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers) and PayPal, allow you to set up an account and either link it directly to your bank account, or make instant credit card deposits. You can then use the e-wallet account to make instant purchases at any online gaming site that accepts that payment method. For the record, just about every gambling site accepts Neteller and Skrill.

Regional Applicability: Make sure that the payment method you choose is available in your country. Neteller, for instance, is not available to US residents. InstaDebit is a more popular choice for Canadians, while US players are generally restricted to credit card and/or e-check purchases. While PayPal is available in the US, Americans cannot use it to make purchases at any offshore online gambling sites. Likewise, Canadians may not use Neteller at online poker rooms.

Methods with Deposit and Withdrawal Capabilities: For some players, the option to use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals is a big plus. If you’re depositing via credit card, for example, you will need to process withdrawals some other way, such as a bank transfer or check. If you would prefer to use the same method, and still have quick deposits, an e-wallet is usually the best option.

Alternative Payment Method Bonuses: Last but not least, before choosing your payment method, make sure that you explore your promotional options. Many online casinos and other gambling sites will offer an “Alternative Payment Method” or “Preferred Payment Method” bonus. This means that making a deposit via any of their bonus-applicable methods will grant a special deposit bonus, in addition to any other bonuses you may be eligible to receive. APM bonuses generally range from 10-20%.

While it’s hard to say exactly what payment method is best for each individual player, simply because there are so many variables to be considered, I do hope that the above information helps you to narrow down the selection and choose the best possible payment method, based on your personal needs. If you consider all of the things above, you should have no trouble deciding whether a credit/debit card, pre-paid gift card, e-wallet, cash transfer, bank transfer or instant e-check would best suit your needs.

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