Cryptocurrencies and Online Casinos

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Crytocurrencies are making a HUGE impact on not only online gambling, but the way 99% of people and industries do business. With 24/7 operational hours, transactions at the speed of light and no middle man, cryptos certainly cut out the bureaucratic red tape and therefore, a lot of the hassle.

So what gives? Why are casinos jumping on Bitcoin like a moth to a flame? Casinos everywhere started to give Bitcoin the benefit of the doubt the second it gained even a little bit of hype. Some casinos even have Bitcoin-targeted casinos wherein, the only payment method you can use, is, you guessed it, Bitcoin. Casinos have Bitcoin promotions, bonuses of all kinds. Most casinos simply list it as a deposit and/or withdrawal method and call it a day.

Casinos and players alike are so keen on Bitcoin because it’s a very secure and non-transparent way of exchanging funds. By non-transparent, we don’t mean sketchy. Many people are sceptical to give credit card, banking information away freely. Bitcoin provides a buffer for this problem. Many banks also have very strict terms & conditions which prevent people from making a deposit and certain casinos. Bitcoin to the rescue.

Share your thoughts! Do you like Bitcoin as a payment option?

Happy Spinning 🙂

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