Don’t get scared – get ready for the Halloween Slot!

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  • Great features
  • Easy to play


  • Theme not for everyone
  • Spooky

Movie fans, this one’s for you. Forget Friday the 13th, say goodbye to Scream, and welcome in Halloween – the film, not the day. Although yes, the day too. If you’re a fan of the chilling movie franchise then you’ll be just as big a fan of the slot – although hopefully you’ll get more out of the game than just thrills; you’ll net yourself a few payouts too!

This Microgaming slot does more than just bring the chills – it brings the original 1978 slasher flick to life. So whether you’re a tried and true fan, or you’re new to the franchise as a whole, you’ll find plenty to be spooked by!

Log onto the slot and you’ll immediately be transported back through time, to the Strode family home where it all began. You won’t see Michael Myers yet, but you will see the front porch of the house with the reels displayed in front of it, featuring familiar characters from the movie. Turn that sound up loud, because you’ll also be treated to audio clips too. That’s right, this slot is coming at your eyes and your ears as well – don’t get scared now!

With 5 reels and 50 paylines, Halloween packs a winning punch and then some – especially when its variable paylines come into play. Look out for the wandering reel that could add to your winning potential, and match icons from left to right to form winning combinations.

If you know the movie well, you’ll know the symbols that show up, especially the main characters of Lynda, Annie, Loomis, and Laurie. Along the way you’ll also find knives, guns, clown masks and other creepy symbols – make sure you don’t play this game in the dark!

Of course since the aim of the game is to stay out of serial killer Michael’s clutches, there’s plenty you can do to keep safe. First look out for the wild symbols that’ll help you create winning combos and pay out at the same time. Next, three bonus symbols will take you to the Trick or Treat wheel bonus feature, where you’ll keep spinning for more and more cash rewards. Eventually you’ll either be taken to the free spins game, or a Boogeyman bonus.

Find the free spins, and you’ll have nine spins to play, with special appearances from the four main characters helping to boost your wins. Play the Boogeyman bonus instead, and you’ll be turning over leaves to collect cash rewards, until you find the actual boogeyman and end the game altogether (although you will be able to protect yourself from him with the help of knives – it’s not only the baddies who have the power here!).

All in all, it’s a scary awesome game, and one that’ll give you all the Halloween thrills you’ve been looking for. Just maybe sleep with the lights on though, just to be safe.

Happy Spinning 🙂

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