Furniture. The Most Expensive.

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Furniture. The most expensive. There’s nothing we love more than daydreaming about what we’d do if we won a multi-million casino jackpot. We’d pay off all our debt, sell everything we owned, and just completely splash out – cars, houses, designer clothes, exotic getaways, the works! And of course, along with our brand-new villa, mansion or country castle, we’d need luxury furniture to match. No expense spared. Just wall-to-wall style and sophistication. And pieces that look like works of art. But where will we (or our interior designer) be shopping for all this elegance? Let’s take a look!

Boca do Lobo

If it’s exclusive, artisanal furniture you’re after. No one does it better than Boca do Lobo. Combining traditional techniques with modern influences, this Portuguese furniture brand is redefining elegance. With a team of highly talented and specialiszd designers, jewellers, cabinet-makers and solderers. Each Boca do Lobo piece is one exemplified by excellence and world-class craftsmanship. Look out for its distinctive pieces in luxury venues like Harrods and The New York Palace Hotel. And discover what sophistication looks like in its truest form.

Fendi Casa

You already know Fendi as one of the world’s leading fashion design brands. Now bring that same aesthetic home with Fendi Casa. Exclusive Italian furnishings with equal dedication to contemporary opulence. Established in 1988 by owners Alberto Vignatelli and Anna Fendi. The Fendi Casa collection is inspired by classic lines and modern approaches. With stylish innovations that make it one of the leading choices for yachts, jets and homes around the globe. Wear Fendi, live Fendi!

Homes Direct 365

If you prefer your luxury furniture more on the quirky side rather than the classic. Homes Direct 365 could be just the place for you to shop. Specializing in French-style furniture and shabby chic. Homes Direct 365 pieces add a touch of nostalgia while bringing new trends to the fore at the same time. Try them for unique, one-of-a-kind furniture and add personality and character to your living space.


Why are there two ‘LLs’ in the name? Because you’ll be full of delight with this Portuguese furniture brand. And that’s a promise that’s right there in the name. Something else that’s right there in the name is ‘light’. And that’s exactly what Delightfull specializes in. Unique and bespoke lighting solutions that reflect elegance and luxury in every environment. Featured in famous hotels and clubs around the world. The Delightfull collection is a vintage-inspired masterpiece. One that puts opulence in the spotlight with just the flick of a switch.

Thomas Blakemore

Another company specializing in unique lighting solutions. Thomas Blakemore incorporates glittering semi-precious stones into its designs as well. Featuring lamps of marble, malachite, silk and gold-plated bronze amongst others. This English company has been revolutionizing the lamp industry since 1847. With pieces just as suited to classic homes as to five-star hotels. Look out for sparkling décor featuring stones such as red jasper and rock crystal. And light up your own life in one of the most extravagant ways possible.


Another Italian brand. Another opportunity to bring luxury into your fabulous new home. Hailing from the slopes of Tuscany. Edra has been bringing sumptuousness home since 1987. With gloriously elegant yet comfortable couches, sofas and other furniture favourites. With a meticulous attention to detail and a blend of contemporary design and classic traditions. Edra is just as at home in luxury residences as it is in modern art museums. Which means if you can afford the price tag. You’ll own not just a piece of furniture, but your very own masterpiece as well.

Restoration Hardware

While this American brand is one of the newer furniture designers on our list. It’s every bit as hard-working as the more established ones. With outlets in Canada and across the US, Restoration Hardware is known for unique designs that prize comfort just as much as elegance. Working with a skilled team of designers to produce customized, tailor-made pieces, Restoration Hardware specializes in classic pieces that bring a genuine feel of authenticity to every living space. Put this brand near the top of your list – it’s fast becoming one to watch.


While some furniture brands might specialize in certain areas, such as lighting, couches, tables or rugs. Brabbu is a brand that does it all. Known for its wide range of diverse materials, textiles and fabrics. Brabbu brings a fiercely passionate approach to its furnishings. Making them ideal for every urban lifestyle. No matter what you’re looking for. Fom upholstery to lighting to furniture or more. You’ll find it at Brabbu. Along with the finest craftsmanship, immaculate work and innovative design. Choose one of these pieces and you’ll be in good company with some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts. That’s how you’ll know you’ve made exactly the right choice.


What happens when a team of master jewellers and artisans combine forces? Pure elegance, and an unparalleled commitment to quality. That’s the philosophy behind the brand Koket. Founded by Janet Morais and driven by a passion for luxury interior design above all else. With world-class workmanship evident in every piece. Koket is furniture elevated beyond the ordinary, and a work of art in its own right.

Maison Valentina

Back to Portugal again, this time to Maison Valentina. And a brand that combines comfort and luxury in the most extravagant of ways. This isn’t just any furniture though. It’s bathroom furniture and accessories, all designed to help you relax in an environment of pure sophistication and style. From bathtubs and basins to fixtures and fittings. You’ll be able to create your dream bathroom from floor to ceiling. With a little help from Maison Valentina along the way. There’s just one problem though. Once you’ve designed your ultimate bathroom, you may never want to leave!

As you can see, when it comes to luxury furnishings. There’s plenty to lust over, and more than enough to colour your daydreams for years to come. And if you’re ever in a position to make those dreams a multi-million reality. Now you know where to shop – and you know who to invite over as well. We’re on our way!

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