Genting Poker Honors Hendon Mob Tournament Dollars Promo

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Genting Poker, which operates on the iPoker Network, entered into a contract with a popular UK-based poker forum, The Hendon Mob, in a deal that would award forum members with free ‘Sponsorship Dollars’ as part of a special promotion. Last week, the online poker site curtly halted the promotion, stating that no more tournament dollars would be awarded, and Hendon Mob members who currently held tournament dollars would have them revoked. It was confirmed today that Genting Poker has reversed its stance, and will honor the remaining tournament dollars that players have acquired.

When the original story broke, countless players were distraught by the announcement. These players had been accumulating hundreds, if not thousands worth of tournament dollars, and suddenly they were worth nothing. The proclamation that the deal had been severed came from James Lowe, the new manager of Genting Poker, who posting on The Hendon Mob forum that the promotion was now over and that any tournament dollars remaining from the promo were “no longer valid”.

The original deal between The Hendon Mob and Genting Poker awarded $3 ‘Hendon Mob Sponsorship Dollars’ for every $10 in generated rake to any member of the online poker portal. Though not real cash, the bonus dollars could be used like real money to enter live and online poker tournaments hosted by Genting. A player who used these sponsorship dollars to enter a tournament would be required to split any relative winnings evenly with The Hendon Mob.

Many members of the poker portal were taking full advantage of the promotion, some saving up their tournament dollars to enter bigger live event, like the World Series of Poker.

As of today, June 18, it has been confirmed that Genting Poker has reversed its decision in favor of honoring all remaining sponsorship dollars in players’ accounts. The manager of Genting Poker called the debacle a “genuine mistake”. The promotion itself has been officially cancelled, much to the dismay of The Hendon Mob’s myriad players, but those who have earned sponsorship dollars will be permitted to use them, as originally intended.

According to a representative from The Hendon Mob, the group had no prior notice that Genting Poker intended to sever the deal, and knew nothing of it until the post from the online poker room’s new manager. Three days later, Lowe posted again at the forum, stating that the original missive was “a genuine mistake on my part”. Another representative from Genting Poker replied to an incensed member’s post on Facebook, calling the situation a matter of “wires getting severely crossed.”

As of right now, the promotion is noted as being ‘suspended’ on The Hendon Mob website, although the poker forum continues to promote the online poker room with an animated creative that proclaims, “Play Poker with the Mob at Genting Poker,” and denotes “exclusive promotions and VIP scheme” for their members. Just what those exclusive promotions are, we cannot say. All we do know is that any promotional sponsorship dollars that were earned on or before June 14 may still be redeemed.

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