Get Wildly Excited with Woolly Wilds

Nicole Smith
Posted by on 1/01/2024
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Get Wildly excited with Woolly Wilds! If you’re feeling wild (and maybe a little woolly too) then we’ve got just the slot for you. The all-new Woolly Wilds from Games Global! With both regular versions and MAX versions available. There’s double the chance of winning big. And it’s all thanks to a creative partnership between Games Global and All For One Studios (previously known as All41 Studios).

Taking the Stone Age as its theme, Woolly Wilds puts you front and centre in the time of the cavemen. And of course their arch-nemesis, the woolly mammoth itself. The game area features a sweeping plain reminiscent of landscapes of the time, with royal symbols etched in rock. And other themed symbols such as sabre tooth lions, bears and of course, mammoths too. If this doesn’t get you wildly excited, what will?

Get wildly excited with the game’s game area.

Set in a 5×3 reel game area with 25 active paylines, Woolly Wilds has not one, but TWO jackpots up for grabs, which makes us wildly excited. Up to 15,000x in the regular version with Golden Mode active, and up to 60,000x in the MAX version. So if you want to win big and go wild at the same time, you’ve come to exactly the right place! On top of that, you’ll also have a max RTP of 96.20% to help you out. As well as bonus features like free spins, stacked wilds, and a jackpot mechanic. So get ready. Your prehistoric winning adventure awaits!

If you’re keen to place a bet, you’ll be able to get in the game for as little as $0.25 per spin for a minimum bet. Or if you’d prefer to increase your chances of a big payout, you can choose to boost your bet up to the max of $100. Just remember that you won’t increase your odds at the same time. But if you win, you’ll get a bigger return on your investment which will surely have you wildly excited. Keep an eye on your bankroll at all times. Always play within your means, and you’ll be spinning the reels like the winner you are!

Once you’ve chosen your bet size, it’s time to start playing.

And here’s where you’ll need to make a choice between modes – either Golden, or regular. While Golden does offer bigger payout options, it costs 5x as much to play. So that’s a risk and an expense you’ll need to bear in mind.

Whichever mode you play in that gets you wildly excited, if you’re lucky enough to find any wilds on the reels, they’ll instantly substitute for all regular symbols. Completing winning combos for you at the same time. Look out for scatters too, as 3 to 5 of these will trigger between 10 and 25 free spins. Paying as much as up to 100x in some cases. You’ll also have the opportunity to find stacked wilds on the last two reels as well, giving you a bigger boost and even more rewards for your money.

But we all know what you’ve really come to Woolly Wilds for. And that’s the jackpot options that will get you wildly excited! With everything from Mini to Grand in the regular version and Super Jackpot in the Golden version, there’s plenty for you to play for. Just get the right combo of symbols to move through the trail of letters at the top of the game area, and if you manage to trigger a prize for yourself, a life-changing jackpot could be yours!

Forget about playing it safe. It’s time to go wild! So join in the excitement with Woolly Wilds and let’s see just how many of your jackpot dreams we can make a reality.

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