Half Million Jackpot at Europa Casino Won by Canadian

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For online casino aficionados, hitting a nice little jackpot is something we all love to do! It doesn’t mean our lives our changed, but we might be able to buy a nice new car out of it. For one extremely lucky online casino player, however, it became the ultimate life-changing experience!

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A lady from Canada by the name of Jocelyn Sirois recently scooped an awe-inspiring jackpot of more than half a million dollars from an online slot machine at Europa Casino. The Canadian player won $526,713 playing Beach Life on November 20th of last year.

It took awhile for the story to get out, and no one seems to be sure why that is, but we could easily speculate that commonplace restrictions placed on payout limitations certainly slowed the process of transferring her impressive winnings to her bank account. But now that she is an instant woman of wealth, the news is out and there is plenty to celebrate.

Jocelyn has had a superior New Year, starting a whole new life in 2011 that affords so many more opportunities than ever before. When asked how she planned to spend the money, she said that she would first take a vacation to Arizona where she wants to play a lot of golf. Afterwards she plans to travel the world for while visiting many other countries.

Sirois has no intention of working for a living anymore, but does plan to continue playing for real money at Playtech powered Europa Casino (when she’s not playing golf, that is). When asked how she felt about everything, Jocelyn spoke mostly of her feelings for the online casino itself.

“The things I first noticed about EuropaCasino.com and continue to love are the attractive homepage, the speed of the games and the overall design. The site provides an excellent overall service. I’d say it’s the complete package.”

“The online support is highly responsive. They are quick to answer all of my questions and the tracking is excellent. The games themselves are easy to understand and the explanations of the games when I do need them are clear and concise.”

I congratulate you, Ms. Jocelyn Sorios, on your monumental online slots jackpot win. Most of us can only imagine what it would truly feel like to watch the reels fall into that precise, perfect pattern, releasing an unbelievable prize of more than half a million dollars. What a story to tell the grandkids, eh?!

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