How to Play All Aces Video Poker

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All Aces Video Poker is an intriguing variation of the traditional Jacks or Better game found at most online casinos. This particular variant was created by Microgaming, thus is generally only found “” at least in the exact format described below “” at online casinos powered by Microgaming software.

The only real deviation from the standard rules of Jacks or Better video poker is that in All Aces, players are awarded different payouts for achieving a Four of a Kind with specific card ranks. A Four of Kind in any number from 5-K awards a payout of 50 per coin bet. Interestingly, a Four of a Kind in 2’s thru 4’s is actually worth more, paying 100 per coin bet. And of course, Four Aces is even better, paying 400 for each coin bet.

All Aces Video Poker has a very high payout percentage of 99.92% when betting the maximum 5 coins. However, because the pay table is so high for different types of Quads, the lower hand payouts have been reduced. Full House only pays 7 per coin bet, instead of 8, and 2 Pair pays 1 coin, rather than 2.

As with all Microgaming online video poker games, players are given the chance to play a double-or-nothing round of High-Low each time they win. This is an optional feature, but definitely adds to the profitable nature and overall appeal of the online casino game.

Let’s take a look at the basic screen options of All Aces Video Poker.

  • Optional Coin Sizes: $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5
  • Coins per Play: 1 to 5
  • Min / Max Bet: $0.25 / $25
  • Max Payout: 4000 Coins
  • Lowest Winning Hand: Pair of Jacks

How to Play All Aces Video Poker

All Aces is a very easy game to play. The first thing you’ll need to do is select a coin size by clicking on the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons. Next, click on the Bet One or Bet Max button to choose how many coins to wager. Bet Max will instantly bet 5 coins and begin the game. Clicking Bet One will add one coin to the video poker machine each time it is clicked. To start the game, click Deal.

The player is dealt 5 face-up cards. Note that the online casino applies a strategic HELD icon over each card that would be the best choice to hold by basic video poker strategy. You are NOT required to follow the machines advice; it is only intended for helping less experienced players. Clicking on any card will change its status from HELD to un-HELD, and vice versa.

When you are ready, click the Deal button to discard all cards that are not marked HELD and replace them with new ones. The resulting 5-card hand is instantly evaluated by the online video poker machine and, if a winning hand rank is achieved, the pay table will highlight the win and the corresponding payout awarded. If the hand does not win, the bet is lost.

Every time a hand is won, the player can choose whether to Collect the winnings and continue with another game, or play a special round in hopes of Doubling their winnings.

All Aces Double Feature

Microgaming online casinos have a Double feature on all video poker games. It is a simple game of High-Low with a traditional ‘Double or Nothing’ bet. The player is dealt 5 new cards, with only the first card showing. The player then clicks on one of the remaining cards. If this card is higher in rank than the first card, the player doubles their winnings. If not, the entire bet is lost and the All Aces video poker screen returns to normal.

Any time a Double game is won, the player may choose once more to Double their winnings, playing another game of High-Low, or Collect their winnings and return to the video poker screen.

All Aces Pay Table

Bet 1Bet 2Bet 3Bet 4Bet 5
Royal Flush5001000200030004000
4 of a Kind (As)400800120016002000
Straight Flush60120180240320
4 of a Kind (2s-4s)100200300400500
4 of a Kind (others)50100150200250
Full House714212835
3 of a Kind3691215
2 Pair12345
Jacks or Better12345
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