How to Play Tens or Better Power Video Poker

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Tens or Better Power Poker is an exact replica of the original Tens or Better Video Poker game, except that in this ‘powerful’ variation, players can choose to participate in anywhere from 4 to 100 hands in a single play. Tens or Better is akin to the traditional game of Jacks or Better video poker, except that the pay table is slightly reduced to offset the player’s marginally better chance of producing a winning hand rank.

Tens or Better Power Poker is found at most Microgaming online casinos. All video poker games developed by Microgaming incorporate a bonus feature known as the Double, wherein players can opt to risk their winnings with each successful hand on a double-or-nothing high-low game.

The following gameplay rules and pay table are based on Tens or Better Power Poker as provided by Microgaming online casinos. Note that the rules and pay table may vary when playing at any other live or online casino.

Let’s take a look at the basic screen options of 4-Handed Tens or Better Power Poker. To play this game with more than 4 (up to 100) hands, simply multiply the digits below accordingly.

  • Optional Coin Sizes: $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5
  • Coins per Play: 4 to 20
  • Min / Max Bet: $1 / $100
  • Max Payout: 4000 Coins
  • Lowest Winning Hand: Pair of Tens or Better

How to Play Tens or Better Power Poker

First, select your coin size by clicking on the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. Next, press the Bet One button to insert one coin for each of the four hands being played (i.e. betting one coin is actually betting four coins). To bet more coins per hand, continue pressing the Bet One button, then click Deal when ready. Alternatively, a player can instantly bet the maximum 5 coins per hand (20 coins total) and automatically deal the cards by simply pressing Bet Max.

You are dealt a single 5-card hand to start. Don’t worry, all four hands will be revealed after the draw phase. Click on any card you wish to keep to produce a HELD sign on it. Any card not marked HELD will be replaced in the draw phase. Once the cards you wish to keep are all labeled HELD, press the Deal Button.

All four hands will now be dealt. All cards that were HELD will appear in each of the final 5-card hands, with all discards swapped for new cards. Each hand is individually dealt from its own randomly shuffled 52-card deck, thus it is possible for hands to receive the same or different cards.

Any hand that ranks high enough for a win with a Pair of Tens, or anything better, will be paid according to the pay table. Any hand that does not produce a Pair of Tens or better will lose its bet.

If any hand wins any amount, you have to make a decision. You can either risk those winnings on a double-or-nothing game of high-low, or keep the winnings and return to the video poker game. Press Double to play high-low, or Collect to keep the winnings.

Tens or Better Power Poker Double Feature

If you choose to attempt doubling your winnings, another 5 card hand is dealt. The first card is exposed. Your job is to select one of the four face-down cards. If the card you choose ranks higher than the first card, you successfully double your winnings. If not, the winnings are lost and the Tens or Better Power Poker game resumes.

Note that every time the Double feature is won, you have another option to double the winnings again. As before, click Double to play another round of high-low, or click Collect to keep the winnings and return to the video poker screen.

Tens or Better Power Poker Pay Table

Bet 1Bet 2Bet 3Bet 4Bet 5
Royal Flush5001000200030004000
Straight Flush50100150200250
4 of a Kind (5s-Ks)2550100150200
Full House612182430
3 of a Kind3691215
2 Pair246810
Tens or Better12345
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