How to Play Triple 7s Blackjack: Rules, Strategy & Odds

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Triple 7’s is a unique take on the original game of blackjack, virtually inimitable in the sense that it carries something most online casino fans will only find in a site’s massive collection of online slots. Triple 7’s Blackjack has a progressive jackpot, and any player that elects to place the progressive side bet of $1 has a chance to win it.

This variation of blackjack is similar to all other games of 21 with a bonus side bet feature because player’s are essentially playing two games at once, and neither has any bearing on the other. Players are obligated to participate in a standard hand of blackjack, wherein the closest hand to 21 without going over ““ player or dealer ““ wins the bet. The side bet initiates a separate game based on whether the player’s original hand contains any sevens. The more sevens there are, the higher the bonus payout is, and landing three 7’s of diamonds earns the player the full progressive jackpot.

We’ll discuss bonus payouts later in this article. For now, let’s look at the variations in the rules of Triple 7’s Blackjack.

  1. Triple 7’s is played with five standard 52-card decks. Please note that card counting at an online casino is futile as the shoe is electronically reshuffled with each new hand.
  2. Doubling down is only permitted on hands with a total sum of 9, 10 or 11. A player must double his original bet to double down, after which they are given one additional card and must stand on the total immediately thereafter. Because doubling is only permitted on hands of 9, 10 and 11, it is not possible to bust when doubling.
  3. Splitting in Triple 7’s Blackjack is permitted just once per hand, only on cards of the exact same rank. For example, J-J may be split, but J+K may not. Aces may also be split, but the result of each new hand, after receiving the second card, automatically stands. If split Aces result in a hand of 21, it is only considered a hand of 21, not a natural blackjack. To split, a player must place an extra wager, equal to the first, on the new hand.
  4. The dealer will accord to the following rules: The dealer will stand on any 17, including a Soft 17 (any hand of 17 with an Ace valued at 11). Triple 7’s Blackjack is a hole card game, meaning that the dealer will offer insurance if he has an Ace or 10/Face Card showing, and will peek for blackjack thereafter.
  5. Insurance bets cost half the original wager amount and are optional. If the dealer has blackjack, insurance bets are paid 2 to 1 but the original bet is lost. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance bet is lost and the game continues normally.

Triple 7’s Blackjack Standard Pay Table

  • Natural Blackjack Pays 3 to 2
  • Insurance Pays 2 to 1
  • Beating the Dealer Pays 1 to 1

Progressive Bonus Bet Pay Table

If a player chooses to place a bonus side bet, he must do so before any cards are dealt. The size of the bet is always $1. A bonus bet will win the corresponding payout only if any of the following conditions are met. Note that either winning or losing the standard blackjack hand has no bearing on the outcome of a bonus bet.

  • Three 7’s, all Suited in Diamonds, Pays 100% of Progressive Jackpot
  • Three 7’s of the Same Suit (not Diamonds) Pays $1,000
  • Three 7’s of Mixed Suits Pays $250
  • Two 7’s of Same Suit Pays $50
  • Two 7’s of Mixed Suits Pays $25
  • One 7 of Any Suit Pays $5

Note that all Triple 7’s Blackjack rules and payouts detailed above are standard, but may vary slightly from one live or online casino to the next.

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