How to Play Triple Pocket Poker: Rules, Strategy & Odds

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As any avid online casino player knows, Microgaming is always coming up with some new and exciting variations of popular card and table games. One such game is Triple Pocket Poker, also known as Triple Pocket Holdem. In this casino variation of the classic holdem poker game, the player is competing against only the dealer, not other players, but he does have to beat two hands in order to win.

Why would the dealer get two hands, you ask? Wouldn’t this raise the odds terribly into the casino’s favor? In one sense, yes it does, but here’s the kicker. As the player, you get to choose between one of three sets of pocket cards to play, and the dealer is left playing the other two. To ensure the casino still holds a slight advantage, the player is not allowed to see the second or third set of hole cards unless he chooses to pass on the previous set.

A hand of Triple Pocket Poker would play out something like this:

The player will first select a chip size, ranging from $1 to $25, then click on the Ante betting circle. Note that, while there is an Ante bet, there is no Raise bet or option to Fold as the hand proceeds. The Ante is the only bet placed and cannot be withdrawn or surrendered.

The first set of two pocket cards is then dealt to the player. The player must choose to Hold these cards, or Deal Again. If the player holds the cards, two more sets of pocket cards are dealt to the dealer. If the player chooses to Deal Again, the first set of pocket cards is passed to the dealer and a second set of pocket cards is dealt to the player.

Again, the player is asked whether they want to Hold this second set of pocket cards, or Deal Again, passing the second set to the dealer. If the player chooses to Deal Again once more, the second set is given to the dealer and the player is dealt a third set of pocket cards. The player has no choice to but keep and play the third set of pocket cards.

The moment the player chooses to Hold their pocket cards, or is forced to hold the third set, the game plays out on its own. Five community cards are dealt face up and all hands are evaluated. The player’s hand must beat both of the dealer’s hands in order to win. If the player’s hand is beaten by one or both of the dealer’s hands, the player’s bet is lost.  All winning bets are paid according to the rank of the winning hand, as shown in the pay table below.

Triple Pocket Poker Pay Table

Royal Flush Pays 50 to 1
Straight Flush Pays 20 to 1
Four of a Kind Pays 10 to 1
Full House Pays 4 to 1
Flush Pays 2 to 1
Any Other Winning Hand Pays 1 to 1

Triple Pocket Holdem is an online casino game that can only be found at Microgaming powered internet casinos. As such, the rules and payouts for Triple Pocket Poker should not vary from those listed above.

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