How to Win at Slots – Part One

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Winning at Slots – Part One

For most players, slots are played as a form of entertainment rather than a way to make money. Just as you might go out to a movie or a nice meal on one evening, one night you might want to settle into a bit of slot play and get the excitement and fun of the casino from your own home. But of course, slots are more fun to play if you win. This article will provide you with a few basic rules of thumb that will help you get the most from your slot play, whether that be by just getting more fun for your money, or by increasing your chance of winning a jackpot.

One thing that quite a few players do not realize is that some slots have better winning odds than others. The rate of your chance of winning on a slot machine is known as the ‘payback’ rate and anything over 90% is good. For instance, the slots in a Vegas casino could vary from as low at 80% right up to as high as 98%, depending on the machine.

Another thing that many people don’t realize when they play slots is that different machines play differently. They pay out in different ways which can have a massive impact on your experience. You need to find the right type of slots to suit your style of play while gambling online. Some slot machines are designed to give out lots of small wins as you play them, so your money lasts a long time, but you do not stand a chance of a single big win. These are called ‘low variance’ slots. Other machines, pay fewer but bigger wins. So, you could go through long periods without a win, but when you do it should be a pretty good one. These are called ‘high variance’ slots.

If you get frustrated by not hitting a win for a long period of time you should find low variance slots to play so you can play for a long time and get plenty of small wins along the way. You won’t lose money quickly if you play low variance slots, but you are less likely to get that big win. However, if you are online for the big win you need to find high variance slots to play. While playing this type of machine there is a danger that you may run out of cash before hitting a win, but if you do line up the right symbols you will get a handsome reward.

In our next part of this series No Deposit Bonus will go in depth on how to spot the variance amongst online slot machines.

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