How to Win at Slots – Part Two

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Winning at Slots – Part Two

In our previous article, we covered the basics on how to maximize your chances and fun with online slot play by choosing a slot machine whose style of play matches yours. This is because some slot machines pay out in different ways; there are ‘low variance’ slots which give out lots of small wins as they are played, and there are ‘high variance’ machines which pay fewer but bigger wins. People prefer different types of variance and it can be both frustrating and less rewarding if you are not playing a slot machine that matches your preference. These tips will help you to spot the variance of your chosen slot.

If you prefer a high variance slot machine, the first giveaway sign to check for is the size of the jackpot or if the machine is progressive. A big jackpot generally plays with a higher variance than the identical machine without a huge jackpot. In addition, most machines attached to a progressive jackpot can be considered to be a high variance slot. The reason high most progressive slots are high variance is because for each pull they give a bit of the credits to go into a huge jackpot prize, leaving that bit out for non-jackpot wins. This means that you win less often, but if you win the big one it is really big. Yet another giveaway sign to look for is a slot that has ‘stacked wilds’ or ‘chained wilds’. This means that if you line up a few of them in a row it gives you all sorts of winning combos that massively increase your winnings. Since this is a rare occurrence one needs to be patient while waiting for this to happen, but the rewards are incredible!

Low variance machines can be spotted by the very fact that they often do not have a huge top prize, which means that they don’t need to save up money for a jackpot and can pay it out regularly in the form of small wins. These pay out smaller sums more often. So ask yourself if you want to make your money go further and enjoy playing for longer with smaller wins, or if the whole purpose is to go for that big win on occasion, leaving the online casino with a big payout. This will help you determine which type of slot machine will best suit your style.

Either way, you can find both low and high variance slot machines at any of our online casino partners. Be sure to check out our comprehensive list of no deposit casino bonuses, and feel free to try out as many of the different online casinos as you’d like for free!

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