It’s a slots-a-palooza for the month of August!

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It’s a slots-a-palooza this month in online casino industry news, with all the latest headlines and happenings in the world of slots, here for you to enjoy. Ready? Then let’s get those news reels spinning!

New to slots – the mobile split screen

You know how you can activate a split screen on your cellphone and have different apps open at the same time? Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same with your online gambling, and have two games open simultaneously? Now you can, thanks to Videoslots Casino!

We love industry firsts here, and this is a fantastic one – the ability to spin two different slots at the same time, and double up on both winnings and excitement. Even better, as it’s a mobile feature, you’ll be able to enjoy twice the gaming exhilaration wherever you go.

So who’s behind this innovation? Videoslots Casino, with a huge portfolio of more than 3 000 online slots and games to their name. We’ve already seen split screens on desktop, but Videoslots is the first to translate the idea to a mobile platform – and we can tell they’re onto a winner! It’s fully optimised, it supports both Android and iOS, and it’s set to take mobile gaming one step further, marking a huge boost for the industry.

What’s important to note however, is that the split screen functionality isn’t just limited to simultaneous game play. Instead, it’s applicable to a range of other online casino functions as well. Want to top up your casino account while playing your favourite slot? No problem. Need to check on your casino rewards while spinning the reels? Go right ahead! It’s all about efficiency, multi-tasking, and making sure that the show always goes on no matter what casino business you need to take care of.

We know we’re excited about this new development, but what does the team at Videoslots think? Evidently they’re just as enthusiastic as we are. “Everybody at has a passion for innovation and it’s great to demonstrate that with our new split screen feature,” says CEO Alexander Stevendahl. “Mobile gaming continues to grow month-on-month and loyal Videoslots players will now be able to have twice as much fun the next time they log in to play their favourite titles.”

Things are looking good for slots it seems, and we can’t wait to enjoy all the excitement they look set to bring our way!

Are skill-based slots games the future of the industry?

It’s a good question, and it’s one the industry is currently asking. In years past, one of the main drawcards of online slots games has been their simplicity, with no complicated strategies or skill sets needed in order to play them. In fact, their straightforwardness has been one of the drivers of their enduring popularity. Now, however, software operators are asking themselves, should slots be more skills-based?

Believe it or not, slots have actually introduced more skills-based elements over the years, particularly when compared with their original fruit machine ancestors. Whereas before, slot machines of old would simply spin and land on a random combination, today more features have been added, such as free spins, gamble games and bonus opportunities, all to ramp up the excitement and to add to the player experience as a whole.

However, slots games have yet to reach the skill level of more advanced strategy games such as Blackjack and poker, and it’s here that operators are asking questions. Would it be easier to attract and keep slots players’ attention if games incorporated more skills-based elements?

It seems that the answer is yes – as with today’s focus on instant gratification, there are hundreds of distractions that can easily divert our focus from our chosen activities at any time. This is one of the suggested reasons for sports betting’s somewhat surprising popularity among millennials – as due to its more challenging nature, it demands a greater investment of both skill and concentration.

Popular theory seems to dictate that should similar skills-based elements be transferred over to online slots gambling (whatever elements those might be) they would work the same way in attracting the attention of the same target group – a hugely desirable one thanks to their entertainment spend and their influential nature on social media and other viral platforms.

While no one has decided quite what designing a skills-based slot would entail, the dialogue around it has begun – and it’s a conversation that looks set to change the industry going forward, and the way we play as well. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait!

Microgaming hits the big one with €90 million in payouts

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if you want to win big, you have to play big. And there’s no better way to play big than by spinning the online slots reels – especially when you’re on the Microgaming network!

Don’t just take our word for it though – the facts speak for themselves. In just six months of 2019, Microgaming has paid out over €90 million across 1 150 559 jackpots, including multi-million jackpots to no fewer than EIGHT players! Talk about a win-win!

As you’d expect, the provider’s most talked-about progressive, Mega Moolah, was the biggest star of the show, with Zodiac Casino alone boasting a single Microgaming payout of more than €13 million on the popular slot. No wonder it’s known as The Million Maker!

Other winning amounts haven’t been anything to sneeze at either, with two multi-million payouts being awarded in March – €11 million on the 5th, and €2.2 million on the 6th. April was a little quieter, but May brought back the winning energy in full force with a combined jackpot payout to two players of €11 million!

So far the €13 million jackpot has been the largest individual payout won in 2019 – but the year’s not over yet! Microgaming has been doing exceptionally well so far, and their jackpots could be yours for the taking. So don’t miss out – visit your favourite Microgaming casino today, place your bets on Mega Moolah or any other of their progressive jackpot games, and see how far Lady Luck can take you!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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