Microgaming Playboy Slots to Launch Online Next Month

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Throughout the history of casino gambling, slot machines have been designed to represent fantastical themes of all types. They cater to sports fans, history buffs, science fiction gurus, Hollywood blockbuster film fanatics and Marvel comic enthusiasts, just to name a few of the most popular categories. Next month, a whole new genre of followers will be able to log onto Microgaming online casinos and spin the reels of one of the industry’s most anticipated gambling amusements, the Playboy Slot. 

For obvious reasons, the Playboy Slot is expected to draw in a massive crowd of male reel spinners. Statistically speaking, it’s rather surprising it’s taken online gaming software developers this long to produce of slot machine of this nature. It’s a well-known fact that the overwhelming majority of slots enthusiasts are women. If there’s anything that can produce a higher male population of slots fans, a Playboy motif has to be it.

Microgaming secured its contract with the Playboy company some time ago, and has been working on the development phase of the new online slot ever since. As anticipation continues to grow, we’ve finally gotten word that Microgaming has set the release date for the new Playboy Slot on July 3, 2013. With that date confirmed, hundreds of Microgaming online casinos can expect an influx of activity in the coming month.

We can be fairly certain the majority of male online gamblers will want to give this new slot machines a go, but aside from that, new online slots are renowned for having comparably higher payouts during the initial weeks of their launch. As such, there may be a significant number of female slots players spinning the Playboy reels as well. After all, one of the major benefits of playing online casinos is the advantage of anonymity.

Gender participation aside; let’s take a closer look at the multifarious aspects of the new Playboy Slot. Microgaming has designed it to carry the popular 243 Ways to Win characteristic, rather than the more traditional multiple pay-line functions. The Playboy Slot has been loaded with extra features, including free spins, multipliers, running wilds and rolling reels. There are three special bonus rounds that can be triggered, as well as a lucrative Wild Night bonus game that is initiated at random.

There are three main Playboy Bunny characters, each representing their own special bonus feature that awards free spins. The lovely ladies, presented in crisp, HD graphics, include the blonde bombshell Ashley, the brunette beauty Sofia, and the sable seductress Kimi. While these gorgeous ladies won’t be featured in quite the same light as they are in the namesake magazine, based on the promotional photographs circulated by Microgaming, their virtual adornments are tantalizing skimpy.

This latest Playboy creation comes on the heels of a previous release from Microgaming in relation to the same contract. Earlier this year, Microgaming launched its new Playboy Live Dealer Casino games. Microgaming has been running a live casino studio for online live dealer games for several years now, but these new tables aren’t just run by professionally trained dealers, but genuine Playboy Bunnies, donning the traditional bunny costumes. It goes without saying that Microgaming’ live dealer casino games have seen a notable surge in activity ever since.

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