Jackpot Capital Online Casino Ultimate Survivor Bonus Challenge

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Every online casino employs marketing directors to devise promotions intended to draw the expounding interest of existing members, while attracting a throng a new players to the gambling site. Some of these promotions are more successful than others, and by the looks of it, Jackpot Capital is going to be on the superlative end of that rope with its latest campaign, the Ultimate Survivor challenge, slated to release $222,000 in bonus cash from now until July 22. 

The Ultimate Survivor promo is based on the immensely popular television series and will dish out $35,000 in casino bonuses every week until the completion of the event, along with additional rewards via random draws at its conclusion. To win a portion of the weekly prize pool, players must earn points by placing wagers on their favorite games and making deposits at Jackpot Capital. The top points earners will appear on the score board, with the highest ranking players receiving a proverbial piece of the pie.

Players will earn 1 point for every $100 wagered in the online casino. They will also receive 1 point for every $25 deposited. At least 5 points must be earned throughout the week in order to appear on that week’s scoreboard. Players must deposit a minimum of $50, and earn at least 1 point from wagering throughout the week in order, to qualify for a prize.

The prizes will be allocated each Monday as follows to the top 300 players on the scoreboard.

  • 1st Place: $700 Bonus
  • 2nd Place: $500 Bonus
  • 3rd Place: $400 Bonus
  • 4-10th Place: $350 Bonus
  • 11-20th Place: $350 Bonus
  • 21-50th Place: $200 Bonus
  • 51-100th Place $150 Bonus
  • 101-150th Place: $100 Bonus
  • 151-200th Place: $90 Bonus
  • 201-300th Place: $50 Bonus

On the final Monday of the promotional period, July 22, a series of additional bonuses will be awarded to players who achieved certain ‘Stations’ throughout the Ultimate Survivor challenge. In this way, anyone can win, whether they claimed a leading position on any of the weekly scoreboards or not. There are 6 Stations in all, each based upon the number of points players accumulated throughout the entire promo. The winners of these prizes will be selected by a random drawing, and so long as players earn at least 50 points from now until July 22nd, they will qualify for the drawing. The Stations, and their respective bonus prizes, are as follows.

  • Station 1: Land on the Island
    Points Requirement: 51-100
    Prize: $100 Bonus to 10 players
  • Station 2: Mystery Reward Challenge
    Points Requirement: 101-200
    Prize: $250 Bonus to 8 players
  • Station 3: Build Shelter
    Points Requirement: 201-300
    Prize: $500 Bonus to 3 players
  • Station 4: Trivia Challenge
    Points Requirement: 301-500
    Prize: $600 Bonus to 3 players
  • Station 5: Blindfold Challenge
    Points Requirement: 501-1000
    Prize: $800 Bonus to 3 players
  • Station 6: The Ultimate Survivor
    Points Requirement: 1000+
    Prize: $1,000 Cash Bonus to 3 players

This is not the first time Jackpot Capital has run a promotion of this nature, but it is the first time they’ve proffered extra bonuses for players who reach the specified milestones. Oliver Smith, casino manager at Jackpot Capital, explained, “We’ve changed things a bit for this casino bonus offer. We’ll be giving bonuses to players at the top of the scoreboard every week, as usual, but this time we’ll also be awarding additional prize money through random draws at the end of the race. So even if you don’t play enough to qualify for a weekly Scoreboard prize you can still win.”

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