Jurassic Park? Nope, it’s Party

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Jurassic Party





  • Unique theme
  • Cluster pays
  • Easy to play


  • Cluster pays not for everyone

Jurassic Park. You hear Jurassic and you immediately think of park. This unique 7 reel slot features cluster paylines. As you remember, cluster paylines is a unique payment system in which you can win by matching symbols. They don’t necessarily have to be on the same payline/reel. So, do you feel like partying with T-Rex or what?

Before we dig deep into the slot’s features. Let’s chat about how you can optimize your game play with Jurassic Park. Gotcha. We mean party. Clicking on the +/- buttons will either increase or decrease the size of your bets. The Mega Bet Activation Slider will award you one extra feature when you trigger combo free spins or combo respins. Buy Feature (neon sign) will allow you to buy your way into the bonus round. And last but not least, Fast Forward button will turn the turbo spin mode on (the reels will spin extra fast!).

Jurassic Park won’t give you wins like Jurassic Party

Jurassic gives you wins alright. And with cluster paylines comes cluster wins. In this slot, you will need 5 matching symbols to form a winning combo. After your combo has been created, the symbols that were part of the combo will fall off the reels and be replaced with new ones. Ya know, just to be fair.

Free Spins Away

Landing on 3 scatter symbols will trigger Combo Free Spin feature and give you 7 free spins and 2 feature picks. Every extra scatter you land on will give you 1 additional feature pick. These ultimately trigger free spins. Jurassic style.

When I say feature pick, here’s what I mean. You will be presented 3 cocktails at the beach bar (vacation am I right?). You need to choose one of the 3. This ‘pick round’ repeats depending on the number of picks you won. In these cocktails, you will find modifiers that include: Expanding symbols, Random wilds, Symbol upgrade and extra picks. It might not be Jurassic Park, but you’ll sure have a party.

For your random wilds, you will get between 2 and 6. For extra spins, you will receive 2 of them. And for symbol upgrade, the lower value symbol will be replaced with a higher value symbol. Go enjoy your Jurassic Party wins!

Happy Spinning 🙂



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