Ladbrokes Online Bingo Awards £210,000 Jackpot

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Winning several hundred at an online bingo room will incite a lot of people to call you lucky. So what is the appropriate term for a player who wins £210,000; fortunate, blessed, providential? Whatever term you think applies best, aim it at the Ladbrokes Bingo player going by the nickname of ‘bevs_the_boss’.

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This online bingo player has secured herself a very merry Christmas, less than a week away now, as she raked in a phenomenal £210,865.10 playing a side game of Cleopatra’s Chest at Ladbrokes Bingo.

The Egyptian themed mini-game features five reels and fifteen paylines in a miniature version of an online slot, designed to open in a small, separate window so that online bingo players can enjoy an added source of lucrative entertainment while waiting for their bingo cards to fill up. This particular mini-slot offers a progressive jackpot that steadily rises with every real-money spin, and that’s exactly what “bevs_the_boss” released today while playing online bingo.

I mentioned the providential fortune of ‘bevs’ earlier, but it gets better. The same Ladbrokes member won an impressive £18,000 in July of 2010. Shall we upgrade ‘bevs’ description to ‘divine providence’?

“What can I say? How lucky am I?” came the exclamation of an invigorated ‘bevs_the_boss’. “I had a big win in July this year of £18,000 and I am told these things come in threes, so watch out Clover Rollover because here I come! I was in shock when the jackpot rolled in. I just sat looking at the screen for a while and didn’t believe I had really won! Thanks to Ladbrokes I will now have a better life. It happened for me so it can happen for anyone.”

Going back to ‘Bevs’ reference to the Clover Rollover online slot mini-game at Ladbrokes, I should point out that it currently carries a progressive jackpot worth $3.9 million. This lady knows her stuff.

Ladbrokes Bingo is likely to see an influx of new memberships as the online bingo site has been doling out a significant number of high-end prizes recently. Less than two months ago, another six-figure jackpot was struck, and the lucky players seem to be mounting up. Who wouldn’t want to take a shot at Clover Rollover right about now?

The marketing manager for Ladbrokes Bingo, Natalie Coles, commented on the recent profiteers. “This is the second six figure win in as many months. We are absolutely over the moon for ‘bevs’ and hope she has an unforgettable Christmas.”

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