Learn Sports Betting Basics 101

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For anyone who has been placing wagers amongst friends, colleagues or family members, to enter the real world of sports betting is going to be a mind boggling experience. It isn’t about picking your favorite team on NFL Sunday and dropping $20 in hopes that your QB has good day on the turf. It’s not about picking the pony toting your lucky number or the funniest name at the track. Sports betting, in its true Las Vegas form, is a vast, complicated system that requires apt tutoring and a much more contemplative approach.

The first thing you will need to learn is the lingo of the trade. There are myriad terms associated with sports betting, and if you are unfamiliar with them, your level of confusion will grow exponentially as you attempt to navigate a sports betting site. With that said, we strongly urge you to read over, or at least bookmark, our Sports Betting Glossary. You will need it!

Next, we need to make it blatantly clear that no one should enter the sports betting world with the misconception that they are going to get rich. Sports betting is more of a leisurely activity, and no matter how knowledgeable you are, the chances of having a highly successful, professional career as a sports bettor are about as likely as a WNBA team destroying the men’s USA Olympic basketball team in a straight-up match.

Like most things in life, it is best to do some research on anything you want to invest in. Would you pin the Wall Street Journal to the wall, toss a dart at it, then call up a stock broker and tell him to invest your hard-earned cash in whatever the dart hit? I genuinely hope you would answer an emphatic “no!”? to that question, and if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

I hope that this series on sports betting can help guide beginners in the right direction so that they may become successful sports handicappers who can appreciate it as a form of entertainment, as well as a potential source of supplemental income.

Please take a moment to browse over the categories below. Each and every one plays a vital role in the edification of a beginner sports bettor. As mentioned above, we strongly suggest opening the Sports Betting Glossary in another window so that you can refer to it while browsing the collection of sports betting materials.


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