Major Sports League should Love Sports Betting

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All of the major sporting leagues, the NFL, NHL, NBA etc should really be thrilled at the idea of legalized sports betting and here’s why: they will make bucket loads of cash!

The Supreme Court has finally decided to legalize Sports Betting and New Jersey’s major has already decided to formally make it legal down in the state. But how would this be good for Major sports leagues? Sportsbooks would be required to pay a portion to a fund dedicated to the leagues. If this legalization follows suit, leagues could stand to make a few billion a year from this.

Not only is this good for major leagues but, individual states as it will create additional income per state. As it was already legal in Nevada, they won’t see much of a difference. There will probably be more monitoring costs associated with states ensuring everything is running smoothly however, the profit will still be big enough to make all of this worth it.

What do you think? Comment below!

Happy Spinning, or should I say, Betting 🙂

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