Let’Em Ride Pays Bovada Player $153,500!

Posted By: Date: 05/16/2017 at 3:11 pm Leave a comment

We always like to mention exciting wins here at No Deposit Bonus.cc because it gives us inspiration 🙂  Sonny D. from Illinois ended up winning 2 huge jackpots from the game, Let’Em Ride poker just a few short weeks ago. Sonny ended up winning  a grand total of $153,500….. I wonder what he did with it all….. Porsche? Vacation? House reno? That has to brighten up anyone’s day that win.

You’re all probably wondering how on earth he landed on that gem of a jackpot. Sonny actually got a pretty rare hand on both occasions. He bet $500 and was dealt a three of a kind…  not bad to start with right? After he raised twice,his final hand had four of a kind which landed him $76,500. His second win also came from four of a kind, but this time he only put down $1 on the side’s progressive bet and ended up winning another grand total of $77,000.

Ok I know what I am doing right now, playing me some Let’Em Ride Poker!!

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