Loyalty VS Nomadic, How Free Casino Promotions Mold Online Gamblers

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In terms of free casino promotions, there are two basic types of online gambling enthusiasts. There are nomads – players who travel from one online casino to the next taking advantage of no deposit bonuses and other free promotions designed for new players only – and there are loyal players who stick with one casino to make the most of a loyalty/VIP program.

Deciding which type of player to be will depend, first, on what type of gambler you already are, especially in terms of stakes. Your initial string of luck when you first join a new gambling site can also affect your desire to remain loyal. Chances are, if a player has no preliminary luck while utilizing a no deposit bonus, they are not going to stick around and make a deposit. It makes more sense to seek out a new bonus and hope for better initial results elsewhere.

Making a profit off of any no deposit bonus is particularly unlikely, based on the terms and conditions of clearing such a bonus. However, success and profit don’t necessarily mean the same thing where free casino promotions are concerned. Most bonus players are looking for the best bang for their buck. Thus if a player takes a simple $5 no deposit bonus and manages to play through it or a few days before running dry, it means they have actually had a pretty good run. If that were their own money, they may have been able to quit while they were ahead and keep the profits. Because it is a bonus and certain wagering requirements must be met, they are forced to continue playing and the bonus will, in all likelihood, run its course before those terms are met.

A serious online gambler will see this as an advantageous online gambling site to remain loyal to, rather than hopping on the next ship for another no deposit bonus. More often than not, when a player receives a no deposit bonus to start, they are also proffered a first time deposit bonus to amplify their opening deposit. Again, the player is able to make use of a free casino promotion, but this time they will be building loyalty points towards a VIP membership along the way.

VIPs are treated a little better than the average player. Anyone who intends to deposit a large sum of money, say a few hundred a month or more, is eventually going to reap the rewards of their loyal behavior.

Online gambling sites will often present special tournaments, more frequent and/or higher deposit bonuses on a weekly or monthly basis, and other perks like personalized customer support and expedited withdrawals for their loyal members. For a veteran online gambler, these can be crucial aspects in terms of quality, as well as the advantage of continued promotions to sweeten the pot.

The moral of the story; don’t be so hasty to discount the benefits of being a loyal player at one, or even a few, online gambling sites. No deposit bonuses are fun to exploit, but they are no way to make a real profit if you don’t eventually choose an online casino to remain loyal to.

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