Many Upset by Spain Casino Smoking Ban

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The government of Spain has enforced a very strict smoking ban all across the country, restricting most public places from allowing patrons and visitors to light up. The most infuriated individuals affected by the smoking ban seem to be casino gambling enthusiasts who smoke, as well as the owners of such establishments.

Casinos in Spain, as well as many other regions of the world, are typically known for their smoky atmosphere, and gambling establishments that do impose smoking bans often provide a separate section of the casino floor that is open to smokers. But that shall not be the case in Spain.

Businesses affected by the smoking ban were given the option to apply for a permit to provide a smoking section, but the government has thus far denied casino establishments these permits. Casino operators are irate as they can expect a notable decline in the number of gamblers visiting their establishment, and certainly a drop in the length of time spent on the casino floor by patrons who smoke.

Ask any habitual smoker and they’ll tell you that smoking a cigarette can alleviate stress and calms their nerves (due to the addictive nature of cigarettes, of course). By this theory, any casino gambler who is going through a rough patch of losses at the tables is more likely to light up a cigarette and continue betting than they are to walk out when there are still chips in their pocket. With no option to smoke, these same players may be more inclined to leave before the chips run dry for the simple stress-relieving pleasure of lighting up a cigarette.

According to a national survey, 30% of the population of Spain is made up of smokers. The government believes that the other 70% are being unduly subject to the second hand smoke of a minority, thus has enacted the nationwide public-enclosure smoking ban to better the health of its people.

In a related issue, Spain is currently discussing the possibility of legalizing, regulating and taxing online gambling within its borders. Should legislation be put into place that would decriminalize online gambling in Spain, it would quickly solve the issue of casino gamblers being prohibited from smoking in a live casino. Instead, they could simply login to their favorite online casino from home and puff away to their little heart’s content while drawing cards at the blackjack table, tossing dice in virtual craps or spinning the reels at the online slots.

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