New Jersey Online Revenue Up for February

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The past few months have been great for online gambling, especially in New Jersey.

If you’ll recall, online gambling was up for both December and January. We had mentioned how great it’d be if the momentum could continue, and it did. Though it might not seem like there’s a huge growth this month, the lack of growth this month could mean a significant amount of growth in the future.

For December, online gambling revenue rose by 63.6%. In January, it rose by 22.3%. For February, however, it was up by only 1%. You may be wondering why we’re celebrating if it was only up by 1%. We’re celebrating because a bidder won a $1.5 million jackpot by gambling online.

That’s right, a New Jersey citizen won $1.52 million on a game of Let It Ride. The man stated that he was playing for two hours and on his last hand, he was dealt a royal flush.

While the increase in online gambling revenue could be thanked to the weather (February was the sixth coldest on record for New Jersey), the truth seems to be that people are just more accepting of online gambling in general than they were a year ago. The fact that a player recently won more than a million dollars certainly won’t slow down the momentum.

Though there was only a 1% increase in February, the future will tell the truth. We believe that people will see that online gambling is a legitimate form of entertainment and that it’s much better to play online than in person. Not only that, but with sites offering no deposit bonuses, there’s never been a better time to sign up.

The thing that’s most exciting about this is that it’s good news all around. Revenue is up for three straight months in New Jersey, which shows both state officials and officials across the nation that the demand for online gaming is there. The real test will be whether the momentum can continue into March. The cold weather certainly hasn’t eased up in New Jersey, so between the weather and the player winning the jackpot, there’s a good chance that March will continue the upward trend.

Meanwhile, revenue for land-based casinos in Atlantic City fell by $3.4 million, or a decrease of 14.8%, which means that online gambling has once again made up for the losses incurred by land-based casinos.

As of this writing, the figures for Nevada and Delaware were unavailable. Nevada likely had a positive month as well, and with the recent announcement of Olympic gambling coming to Vegas, online gambling will soar to new heights of popularity. If and when those figures are released, you can count on us bringing them directly to you.

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