No Bad Beats In New Online Poker Room

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If you’re an avid poker player, whether it be online, at home or in a live casino poker room, chances are you have suffered from at least one emotionally devastating bad beat. It can be enough to make a player question their entire poker strategy, or even whether they should be playing poker at all. But what if bad beats didn’t exist in poker?

One online poker room is actually making an effort to alleviate the issue by eliminating bad beats from card games. How is that possible, you ask? Let me explain…

There is a brand new online poker room prepared to launch beta testing this weekend, January 16th, 2011. The name is No Bad Beats Poker. (Ironic, isn’t it?) The new online poker room is wiping bad beats from the slate by declaring recompense to any player who suffers a bad beat. Essentially, any poker chips lost on a bad beat will be returned to the player.

Even more extraordinary is how No Bad Beats Poker intends to determine the eligibility of a return on a “bad beat”. Most online poker rooms who offer ‘bad beat jackpots’ and such require a player to lose with a specific ranking hand, such as Quad Kings or better. The online poker room uses a different method of calculation to determine what is worth a bad beat rebate.

The system uses the likelihood-of-win percentage throughout a hand, just like you see on a televised poker program. So any “All-in” hand that had a high enough win percentage, but lost on a bad beat, suck-out or simple stroke of bad luck, will essentially be called a draw with chips returned to the sufferer of the bad beat.

The only problem with this method of online poker is that players who do not use any kind of strategy, relying primarily on lucky draws to win their hands, are going to be on the receiving end of the frustration, rather than the bad beat victims that usually endure such aggravation.

To help online poker players acclimate themselves to the new model of No Bad Beats Poker, the site will be hosting a freeroll tournament with real cash prizes to see how they like the idea during the beta testing phase scheduled for Sunday, January 16th.

Opening its virtual doors with such a drastic concept, the initial rate of new player signups could be staggering. It will be interesting to see how many career poker players join No Bad Beat Poker this weekend, and of course how many choose to stick around due to the potentially ingenious design.

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