MGM Resort will be closing its Poker Room!

Posted By: Date: 04/10/2017 at 8:10 pm Leave a comment

It’s a sad day for poker lovers around the globe as one of Las Vegas’ most famous Casinos will be shutting down their 8 table poker room.  Granted, it’s all part of a $450 million dollar renovation plan. Poker has unfortunately been declining over the past decade, especially on the Las Vegas Strip.

As I’m sure you poker lovers know, Chris Moneymaker began the poker phase back in 2003 and it reached its peak in 2007 when virtually every poker table was booked solid and online poker being relatively new, kicked off with a bang. Sadly, the US Government passed a law basically stopping financial institutions from allowing transactions from online poker as well as casinos.

Soooo… what do you guys think? Will poker tables continue to diminish on the Vegas Strip? Will online Poker take a hit as well?

Happy Spinning Guys 🙂

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