MGM Resort plans to build a $675 Million Casino in Bridgeport!

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MGM is planning to build a $675 million dollar waterfront casino in Connecticut. This will be in direct competition with 2 Native American tribes that currently operate 2 of the world’s largest casinos in that part of the states. I mean, as much as we are all excited for an MGM waterfront casino, the other casinos are a little worried and with good reason.

As worried as some casino operators are, the two tribes with large casinos claim that Bridgeport casino is nowhere near getting all of its required approvals from state legislatures etc. They also claimed that the casino would in fact violate the state’s contract between the two tribes and their sole right to operate within their gambling rights. Uh Oh…. To quarrel or not to quarrel?

This proposed casino is said to be built right alongside Long Island Sound in Bridgeport’s Steelepointe Harbor. In fact, Donald Trump wanted to build a casino in that very location back in the 90’s. Who knows if this casino will actually be built but the talk about it beforehand is crazy. This proposed casino would include over 2000 slot machines, 160 tables, a 700-seat theater, 300-room hotel, restaurants, shops etc. MGM claims it could help turn the state’s economy around by bringing in tourists and new business.

We want to know what you guys think… yay or nay?

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