Online Gambling Grows Globally

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It seems like gambling has always been popular, but what about online gambling? If you believe the stories people are trying to spin (including news outlets like Newsweek), then you probably think that online gambling is a scam, it’s terrible, and it’s costing the nations millions of dollars – but that’s not the case.

In 2003, when online gambling sites really started to take off, they were bringing in about $7 billion dollars annually. That’s an impressive figure, especially when you consider that was the early days of online gambling and people didn’t have smartphones. However, as of 2013, thanks to sites generating heavier traffic thanks to no deposit promotions, the online gambling industry generates $37 billion each year. That money is funneled back into the state, and it helps out in a lot of different areas.

What about sports betting? Online sports betting has been a hot topic lately, mainly because it’s on its way to get legalized in New Jersey. In 2004, during the early days of sports betting, it brought in $24 million each year. Today, sports betting brings in more than $74 billion each year.

So what’s changed? For starters, online gambling and sports betting is infinitely more accessible. It doesn’t really matter where you’re playing from or what you’re playing on – if it’s legalized near you, you can play. Some sites offer external programs to play on if you’re playing from a computer running Windows. If you’re running a different operating system, most sites offer in-browser options. A lot of sites now have either mobile versions or apps for their website. With such widespread availability, there’s no reason to go to a casino.

Another large part of online gambling’s success is due to the fact that it’s been legalized in several states. Online gambling used to be seen as shady, but once it became legalized and regulated, people jumped in.

Finally, and probably the most important reason that online gambling generates so much, the promotions simply can’t be beat. Take a look around at some online casinos and check out their promotions. The promotions vary wildly between sites. Some offer no deposit bonuses, some offer free play, and some have unique promotions that won’t be found anywhere else. Land based casinos can’t keep up with online casinos. People are able to play a few rounds and quit without feeling that temptation to stay and gamble the night away.

Despite what you hear, online gambling has been on an upward trend for well over a decade at this point. Its popularity isn’t slowing down any time soon. Once more states realize this and decide to legalize online gambling, the economy in those states will significantly improve. Until then, we have to stand idly by, watching the industry continue its upward trend without the majority of the United States being able to contribute.

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