Online Gambling Scam?

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When it comes to gambling online, many people are, understandably, either very skeptical or misinformed. If you want to test this for yourself, play a little word association with a friend. When you say “online gambling”, there’s a good chance that they’ll say “scam” or something similar. It’s anything but a scam! This is just one of the many myths regarding online gambling.

There’s a lot of people that refuse to start online gambling because they think it’s “too addictive”. The truth is that becoming addicted has more to do with who you are as a person versus where you are or what game you’re playing. While online sites offer no deposit bonus codes to invite new players in, virtual casinos and actual casinos are on par when it comes to addictiveness.

Another worry that people may have is that people aren’t serious when it comes to betting online, which could throw off certain games. This could be either because the other player doesn’t care, or they’re underage and have no idea what they’re doing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Online sites use thorough security measures to ensure that all players are of age, and since they’re using their money, they’re likely to take everything seriously.

With the prevalence of computer viruses, many are worried that their computer will catch a virus, or that the site will install a malicious add-on to their browser. While this may be true of some shady sites, any reputable online gambling site will be completely legitimate — no pop-ups, no add-ons, and most importantly, no viruses.

Everything’s a scam! The Internet is full of identity thieves just waiting to steal your information! That very fear is keeping people away from online gambling sites. This can easily be avoided by using common sense. Is the site asking you for bank account details, your social security number, or other personal information that you wouldn’t otherwise give? Are they charging extra for things that other companies don’t normally charge extra for? If you answered yes to either of those questions, there’s a chance that the site you’re using is a scam. Make sure to always look up licensing information and contact information prior to registering for an online gambling site.

Finally, there’s a myth that online gambling can’t and won’t be regulated. That may have been the case in the 90’s, and even in the 00’s, but New Jersey just recently passed legislation allowing for the regulation of online gambling. The site saw a tremendous increase in revenue, and because of their results, nine other states are considering regulating online gambling.

The next time you encounter someone that’s hesitant to start gambling online, point out that the times have changed. It’s much more secure, it’s regulated in some states, and many companies have reputable sites to play games on.

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