Online Slot Strategies

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Some people think they have it all figured out when it comes to playing online slots, others admittedly have no clue. In my opinion, slots are about having fun yet hopefully, making a little money along the way. Some people make a living out of while others hit one big jackpot and sit back for life. Here are a few tricks to help you out along the way:

  1. Manage your Bankroll: Knowing how much you can afford to spend per slot session as well as per spin will save you in the long run. For instance, let’s say your budget is $100 but you do not properly adjust your betting ranges and end up spending $20 per spin. That budget goes pretty quickly! Play at a slot you can afford as well as adjust your betting ranges accordingly to maximize the fun 🙂


  1. Know your Paylines: This almost sounds mathematical when you say paylines. Paylines will be your bread and butter and therefore cannot be ignored. A common rookie mistake is to only focus on a payline when it forms a winning combination when in reality, it helps give you your slot’s actual cost. For instance, if you play a 25-payline slot and only bet on 5 of them, you may miss out on a jackpot!


  1. Don’t Stalk other players: Remember eons ago when brick and mortar casinos were all that existed and you would see people stalk other players betting habits and wait for a “hot” machine after it was exhausted by someone else’s loss? All of this is a lie. Slots pay out at random even if they just paid someone out or someone has not won for decades. So, don’t waste your time 🙂


  1. Play the Maximum: Betting four $0.50 bets and one $2 bet per spin are not the same. While they cost you the same amount of money, they will produce different results and/or consequences. When you bet the maximum amount of coins allowed by the slot, the multiplier becomes higher.


Hope this helps! Happy Spinning 🙂

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