Online Slots Strategies and Tips

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Online gambling presents hundreds of ways to place bets. There are table games, card games, video poker machines and the ever-popular slot machines. Gambling strategists are more often drawn to the card tables, particularly blackjack, where the proper tactics can drive the house edge to a bare minimum. However, it is not always practical to play anything except for slot machines.

Why would a player stick to slots play only when there are so many better options for a strategic gambling experience? The answer is simple; because there are online gambling sites that will hand out munificent no deposit bonuses that restrict player’s to using the free credits on slots only.

Slots only bonuses can be some of the most attractive free casino promotions of all in terms of size. A lot of people have claimed that there is no such thing as a slots strategy. This is a common myth that needs to be dispelled, because there are a number of things a player can do to increase their chances of winning on the slots.

The reason so many people don’t believe in a slots strategy is because there is nothing you can do in the actual spinning of the reels to increase the chances that the result will be profitable. That is true. However, it is the choices a player makes before spinning the reels that can make all the difference in clearing a no deposit bonus.

The first thing to look for is the pay table of the slot machine. It should be a progressive slot, for one. A progressive slot machine with a high jackpot instantly increases the payout potential of any slot. It does not increase the chance that you will win that jackpot, but if you do, the height of the profit is important.

Secondly, make sure you play all of the paylines, using a coin denomination that will release the progressive jackpot, should you hit it. The most disappointing thing a player can do is achieve the corresponding reels to release a huge jackpot, only to find out they didn’t bet enough to get the full amount. Earning $1,000 as opposed to $100,000 is a real heartbreaker.

Next, check out the bonus games and free spin options. A slot machine that offers a bonus round with 3 free spins is not going to be as prosperous as a slot with up to 15 free spins per bonus game. The fact is, free spins are statistically more rewarding in terms of payouts than standard spins. When you do get lucky enough to hit a bonus round, you will want as many free spins as possible to drive up your winnings.

If you can pinpoint the highest paying slot machines an online gambling site has to offer, your chances of hitting some good sized pots, if not a fantastic jackpot, are markedly higher. The next time you claim a free casino promotion that restricts you to playing online slots only, don’t look for the theme that strikes your fancy the most. Play it smart and use a real slots strategy to make the most of your no deposit bonus dollars.

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