Phil Ivey Acquires Poker Training Site

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For months now, we’ve been hearing It was launched in 2012, and Phil himself has been working diligently to pen team contracts with some of the best known live and online poker players in the world, but all this time we’ve watched and waited for the static message “New Poker and Training Site Coming Soon!”? to disappear.  It’s finally happened, replacing that textual anticipation with the words “Welcome to IveyPoker”?. This alteration comes as Phil Ivey announced his acquisition of the poker training website, Phil’s buyout of the site finally gave us a wider spectrum view of what direction Ivey intends to take with his new poker site.

Instead of building a poker training platform from the ground floor up, Phil has chosen to purchase an already established community-based poker training forum; a website that he calls “one of the best teaching sites on the market.”?  Ivey has chosen to keep the lead coaches of LeggoPoker – Aaron Jones, Dan Smith and Andrew Lichtenberger ““ on board and assimilate the highly successful, subscription-based poker training site into the new Ivey League. “They are a great match with IveyPoker and together we will offer a top-notch educational poker destination in Ivey League.”? now provides an all-encompassing poker product that includes the impending poker training services and a free-to-play social poker gaming system that is available on just about any platform. The social poker games can be accessed via Facebook and Google Play. The poker app can also be downloaded on any Android or iOS powered mobile device.  The Ivey League is not yet open to the public, and so far, the limitations of the IveyPoker website are still fairly restrictive, although interested players are able to sign up for email alerts regarding the progress of the site. However, the poker training site is shaping up to be an all-inclusive source of edification for poker enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Joining the extensive knowledge base of LeggoPoker coaches Jones, Smith and Lichtenberger will be the entire roster of Team Ivey. This includes big-time poker names like Patrik Antonius, Greg Merson, Jennifer Harman, Daniel Shak, Gillian Epp, James Dempsey, Jonathan Tamayo, Matt Giannetti and many more.

According to a quick Q&A on, Phil Ivey has a lot of plans for the new Ivey League, some of which have already been implemented.  He anticipates the current LeggoPoker website will continue to operate as-is for up to a few months, but will progressively infuse Ivey League into the mix over that time.

At present, LeggoPoker has a lot of its own big-name players producing poker training videos, and Phil has made it known that he would like to incorporate some of those players into the Ivey League as well, but so far nothing official has been reported. He is urging members of LeggoPoker and IveyPoker to speak their minds on what pros they would like to see come aboard the new Ivey League. Phil himself has already created a number of training videos for LeggoPoker and will continue to do so as the league progresses, but he expects his personal productions to reduce once things are more stable.

For current subscribers to LeggoPoker, Phil Ivey promises that all paid subscriptions will be honored and even eluded to the possibility of partial refunds in such cases where the new pricing may be lower than what members have already paid.

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