Play Online Poker on XBox Live with Full House Poker

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Microsoft has been in the development stages of a new online poker tournament game that will be available on Xbox Live sometime in spring of 2011. Set to replace the mildly successful “1 vs 100” live online gaming experience, players will soon be able to participate in real live poker tournaments on their Xbox.

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The new online poker experience has been titled Full House Poker. The innovative game will feature live poker events, much like you would watch on TV, except that you actually get to play them on your TV as you watch. Full House Poker is fully equipped with season long tournaments as well as standard 30-seat Texas Hold’em competitions. In the latter, players can choose whether to play against live players or simulated computer players.

One of the more interesting aspects of Microsoft’s Full House Poker is that real pro poker players will be participating. In fact, players can sit back and watch the pros go head to head in tournaments, just as if they were watching the World Series of Poker, High Stakes Poker or any other televised poker event.

Although you won’t be able to see the actual players we have become accustomed to on ESPN, NBC or GSN, each player does have a quirky avatar to commemorate them on the screen. The expertise of the poker player will determine how many mannerisms they have. A player with a lot of experience, for instance, will have earned special behaviorisms like chip tricks.

Ousting a pro from the poker table will earn you their shirt, granting additional customization options each time you accomplish certain goals throughout the game. There are more than 150 things that can be unlocked, including customizable titles, card decks, locations, tables, chairs, clothing and of course chip tricks and other behavioral effects.

The only thing missing from this game in terms of realistic poker is the ability to play for real money. If the US legalizes online poker, even that may eventually change. For now, the game will likely appeal to informal poker enthusiasts who simply enjoy the genuine interaction of playing against real people in a graphically intense 3D setting.

Although Microsoft recently cancelled its Xbox Live version of the television game show “1 vs 100”, the company was able to use its “one versus many” platform to create the new Full House Poker game for Xbox. Cited to hit the shelves this spring, there has been no official release date yet for the new Full House Poker game.

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