To Play at a Bitcoin Casino or Not?

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I’m sure you’ve heard the term Bitcoin being tossed around lately. Well, it’s certainly no surprise since it seems to be all of the rage nowadays and for good reason! This cryptocurrency has nearly doubled in the past month and is soaring at an all-time high. There are a lot of casinos that are heavily Bitcoin-focused but whether you should play on them or not is entirely up to you. Maybe this will help…

Let’s start with advantages. The first one would be privacy. Playing at a Bitcoin casino will ensure privacy for both you (the player) and the operator (casino) as no third party access is given to any of your financial information. In addition, you will not experience any charge back issues that may be associated with certain credit cards. Bitcoin is also very convenient for certain countries who have not yet legalized online gambling and therefore, traditional banks would not accept any money transfers. Bitcoin is by far the safest and most reliable option in this regard. As Bitcoin is not an official currency per say, it has the ability to bypass certain laws making legal-ish. Did I mention withdrawal times are generally quite fast?

Lastly, Bitcoin casinos usually have higher payout rates as they are far less costly to operate than a traditional brick and mortar casino or even a traditional online casino.

Some disadvantages that may sway your idea just when you were starting to get on the fence…. Bitcoin has a highly volatile nature and as such your exchange rate can move up or down at the drop of a hat without you having time to move your money around. You should also be weary that a few casinos that operate with Bitcoin do not have gambling licenses so it’s best to check and sign up with a reputable casino! We have hundreds listed on our website for you already 🙂

Soo…. To Bitcoin or not to Bitcoin?

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