Slotomania, The New Rage Online

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Slotomania is the new rage of online slot gaming and casinos. It has made a strong presence in Android apps, social networks and is big time entertainment in the world of online gaming.

Slotomania provides you with a virtual experience of an entertaining slot game. The main feature of the popularity of Slotomania today is its high resolution graphics that recreate the regular casino type slot machine game. It not only enhances the experience but flashy vivid visuals and graphics keep up the momentum of the game hooking every newcomer to become an avid online fan and gamer. What every gaming enthusiast gets from slot mania is a virtual casino experience ever since its conception in 2010. It popularity has caused many Android apps and social networking sites primarily Facebook and Google plus to feature the game.

The game’s plus point is its excellent graphics programmed using sophisticated software designed for the purpose, added to this is high quality audio completes its aim of creating a satisfying and thrilling experience even for the fussiest of gamers. There is an ample selection of farm themed games with bonus games included. The neat factor of this virtual slot game is that compatibility with all systems makes it very user friendly. Games are not complicated but easy enough to understand. This results in more fun factor without the complication of seriousness in other casino games.

Although there are some who may downplay the popularity of Slotomania as just another online slot, still there is no undermining its increasing popularity. This is the prime reason behind the slot game being part of mobile applications and play stores.

Features Of The Slot Game Include Virtual Cash And Higher Levels Of Skill.

Virtual cash is provided to every player to commence with. A player logging in everyday could be eligible for additional bonus. The play is similar to online casino slots. Primary levels allow you access to one machine where constant playing and accumulation of points can unlock more games on different machines. Bets are adjustable and the great thing is that as you progress to higher levels your line of play increases.

The game present in many apps and social sites may not involve real cash but skeptics miss the real point here. The fun element is what matters and gaming is precisely that. A means of entertainment and skill is repaid with the further thrills of the game. Higher levels unlock exciting games like Bubble Rumble, Sloto Mafia, Oriental Secrets, Cat Chief and Vikingz. Slotomania on Facebook is a pretty big thing where more than 45 games spread over 135 levels is sure to get you addicted. Every game has an individual theme unique to the game.

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