Start the new year right with new gambling resolutions!

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The new year is gaining on us and before you know it, January 2019 will be here. Usually this is the time that most of us make some kind of New Year’s resolution, either to lose weight, quit smoking, save more money… and then a few weeks into it we’ve completely given up. Because, life. This coming year however, why not make a resolution that sticks and try some of these gambling ideas out for size? Keep up with them over the coming months of 2019, and you could end the year with a fabulous bankroll to show for it!

1. Step out of your comfort zone. Gaming-wise we mean. Sure it’s fun to log onto your online casino and play your favourite Blackjack game over and over, but what about trying something different in 2019? If you’re a slots fan, make the move to Roulette. If you’re always playing Baccarat, try a game of Craps instead. Sure, you may not like it, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. There’s nothing wrong with playing your favourites, but you might find yourself becoming bored with the same old routine day after day, month after month. So add some spice to your gaming life and make the leap to something new. You could find a whole new world of winnings opening up as a result!

2. Find a new place to play. We don’t mean leave your current online casino entirely, but what about signing up with another casino and finding somewhere new to place your bets? The best part about opening an account with another gambling site? The huge welcome bonus of course! Plus you’ll find new games to play, new promotions to try, new tournaments to enter, and a wide range of new winning opportunities too. Do a little research online, read a few forums and user reviews to help you make your decision, and then take the leap. You’ll have the novelty of a new casino to enjoy, and the luxury of choice when it comes to deciding where you’ll play on any given day. What a way to ring in the new year!

3. Remind yourself of the rules. Yes yes, we know you know that going over 21 in Blackjack means going bust. But reviewing online casino game rules can be a great way of improving your game play, regardless of how much you think you already know. You might think you have the basics down (and maybe you do), but do you know all the ins and outs of your favourite games, which strategies work best in which situations, and how to capitalise on money-making opportunities? This year, go back to the beginning, give yourself a DIY and refresher course, and brush up on your online casino knowledge for your own gambling good. You could be pleasantly surprised at just how much easier making winning decisions might be.

4. Play for free. This goes hand-in-hand with the ‘read the rules’ resolution. Once you’ve done the theory, put it into practice in a no-risk environment by playing for free first. Test out what you’ve learned, make some riskier decisions, and see how your new style of gaming pans out before you put it to the test in a real money situation. Get comfortable with trying out different ways of playing, and once you’re sure of yourself, put your money where your mouth is, step up to the tables, and own them like a boss.

5. Track your wins and losses. If you’ve always done the wins and losses maths in your head, or if you’ve never bothered keeping track at all (too much of a mission) you’re doing yourself a disservice. Here’s a tip that’ll help put you and your bankroll on the right path in 2019: invest in a gambling journal. Sure it might sound like a waste of time at first, but what it’ll do is help you track your gaming spend, and help you make better financial decisions at the same time. Just as you budget for your usual monthly expenses, so too can recording your gambling wins and losses be a useful tool for you to track your casino purchases over time. All you need to record is the date of your gaming session, the games you play, and how much you win or lose on each. A few minutes of your time, and you’ll have a comprehensive view of your financial management – one that could help you spend and play more responsibly in the long term.

6. Keep track of time. It seems that no matter what you do on the internet, you end up losing track of time. You go onto YouTube to do a little research, and six hours later you’re watching videos about drunk pandas. Or something. Where does the time go? It’s the same with online gambling – you go on to have a few spins on your favourite slots, and next thing you know you’re facing down the dealer in a game of live Blackjack. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, losing yourself in a gambling session can often result in you losing more than you can afford to spend too, often without you even realising. This coming year, make an effort to set yourself strict limits on the amount of time you spend gambling, and the amount of money you spend while you’re there. Having these limits in place will ensure that you’re always playing within your means, and that you’ll always be able to afford to play another day.

7. Pick up a book. About gambling, obviously. Between social media, streaming movie channels and binge-watching series, very few of us make the time to actually read anymore. But if you put in the effort and make an attempt to learn more about your hobby, particularly from the professionals, you could find your gambling coming on in leaps and bounds as a result. Take a look at gambling guides, see which types of gambling books appeal to you, learn about beginner, intermediate and expert strategies, and go from there. A little education goes a long way.

8. Learn the language. Forget making a resolution to learn French, German or Spanish this year. Instead learn a language that’ll help you get further in your favourite game – gambling lingo. Having a grip on the different jargon used in casinos and the different terms used in various games can help you understand gambling better, and can help you make informed decisions as a result. So if you don’t know a Pass Line bet from a Come bet, it’s time to take a look at a gambling glossary and expand your knowledge. There’s no need to go from zero to hero in a single day though. Make an effort to learn a new word or phrase every day, and watch your bankroll increase with every definition you master!

9. Stay loyal. And by that we mean join a loyalty rewards programme. Not just any old programme though – one that gives you the best bang for your buck. Before joining a new online casino for the year (remember point number 2?) make sure it has a loyalty programme worth joining, one that offers decent rewards, regular promotions and incentives, and generous prizes too. Obviously a huge sign-up bonus is always welcome, but if that’s all your prospective casino is willing to offer, then move along. You want one that values you during your entire player cycle, not just when you’re brand-new. Find one that takes care of you as an existing player as well as a new one, and you’re golden.

10. Don’t drink. Not as in, quit drinking altogether, but while you’re gambling, you need to stay sober. Sure the movies are full of scenes where James Bond gambles while drinking some or other concoction, but you’re not James Bond and this isn’t the movies. You need your head about you at all times while you’re gambling, whether on land or online, and drinking while you’re placing bets just isn’t a good choice. Your decision-making abilities will be affected, your reasoning will become cloudy, and you’ll be more inclined to place risky, poorly-chosen bets. All of which could result in a significant loss to your bankroll. So rather than filling up on alcohol and going all in with your hard-earned cash, stick to sparkling water and make the good decisions you know you’re capable of. Then once you’ve finished your gaming session and logged off, by all means open a bottle of the good stuff – you’ll have earned it!

There we go – ten of the best gambling resolutions you could make in 2019, all designed to see you come out on top and be the best casino player you can be. Of course there’s one more resolution we need to add to the list, and that’s to have fun! By far the most important element in any gaming session is to enjoy yourself, be entertained, and love every second of your time spent at the casino. Make that your number one gambling resolution for 2019, and whether you win or lose you’ll always be ahead of the game.

Happy Spinning 🙂

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