Sparkling Bingo Launches Monthly Grab-A-Grand Promotion

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The UK is the world’s virtual hub for enthusiasts of bingo and has more bingo fans per capita than anywhere else in the world. As such, it should come as no surprise that UK online bingo sites host some of the most rewarding promotions in the business. Sparkling Bingo, for example, has launched a new monthly bingo promotion wherein players compete to win a cool grand for a single game of bingo.

Sparkling Bingo has termed its new promotion the ‘Grab a Grand’ and it is sure to grab a lot of attention. The first installment of the Grab a Grand promo is scheduled for March 1, 2013, at 8pm (UK time) and tickets are available for 50p each.

Players can purchase tickets for this special bingo game all month long, but they are advised to do all of their ticket purchasing on or before the 25th of the preceding month. The huge jackpot prize is not the only shining star of the online bingo room’s latest campaign. Every ticket purchased is bought on a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ basis. But to get the free bingo tickets, you’ll have to purchase them before the 25th deadline.

The B1G1F offer is only valid from the 1st of the month (after 8:01pm UK time) through the 25th. Any ticket purchased after the 25th will not count towards the next Grab a Grand bingo game, rather for the following month’s game. For example, if you purchase 10 bingo tickets for Grab a Grand on February 27th, you will only receive 10 tickets (not 20) for the Grab a Grand bingo game on April 1st, not March 1st.

The maximum allowable tickets per player, per game, is 96. That total includes free tickets, so players can purchase up to 48 tickets to receive the maximum of 96 tickets. They don’t have to be purchased all at once either. If you decide to buy 10 tickets and get 10 free one day, you can continue purchasing tickets for the same game up until the 25th of the preceding month.

Don’t worry if you buy tickets and the freebies don’t appear in your account just yet. All free tickets are delivered 5 days before the upcoming Grab a Grand game starts. When the first of the month rolls around, the winner of the jackpot is assured a lucrative £1,000 prize.

The online bingo room is also running a similar promo called Take 5, where players can purchase tickets for 55p and 5 winners will share in a copious prize pool of £5,555, split among the winners of 5 lines. The winner of 1 Line gets £105, 2 Lines gets £200, 3 Lines gets £750, 4 Lines gets £1,500 and the grand prize winner who achieves the Full House will be awarded £3,000.

Sparkling Bingo is operated by Brigend Limited, based in Gibraltar. The UK bingo site has been serving the region long enough to gain a distinguished reputation for excellence in all avenues of its operation, although the promotional line-up has always been one of Sparkling Bingo’s more climactic highlights.

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