Tombola Bingo Launches 80 Ball Online Bingo Game

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Online bingo heavyweight Tombola Bingo has been steadily working its way up the industry totem pole, but a fresh promotional approach may be just the necessary kick the company needed to realize its full potential among such a competitive UK market.  Tombola Bingo has decided to do something unheard of in the online bingo business, taking aim at 80 Ball Bingo fans all over the United Kingdom. While most online bingo operators shoot for the moon, promoting 75 Ball and 90 Ball Bingo to the hilt, none have made quite this much effort to draw in 80 Ball Bingo enthusiasts.

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Starting today, October 13th and continuing through the final hours of Friday, October 15th, Tombola Bingo will be presenting a £250 guaranteed cash prize in each and every one of its 80 Ball Bingo games.

Players are further encouraged to get in on the 80 Ball online bingo action as all games will carry a £500 jackpot prize for any player who bingos within 45 called numbers. These combined promotions give players a chance to walk away with £750 in cold hard cash for winning a single round of 80 Ball Bingo online.

Expectations are high for Tombola Bingo as they hope to not only draw in a significant number of new players to the online bingo site, but also make traditional bingo enthusiasts more aware of the newest way to play the game. 80 Ball Bingo, or Shutter Board Bingo as it is often referred to at land based bingo halls, has been around for many years now, but has never received nearly the same recognition as its North American cousin, 75 Ball Bingo, nor its European kin, 90 Ball Bingo.

Tombola is issuing a welcome bonus of 200% up to £20 to all first time depositors at the online bingo room. A minimum deposit of £10 will grant the full £20 bonus, giving new players a much higher purchasing power of £30 to start playing online bingo.

Players will find that Tombola Bingo features one of the widest arrangements of bingo gaming options on the internet. With more than 40 bingo chat rooms to choose from, the site hosts 90 Ball and 80 Ball Bingo games, Bingo Roulette, Bingo Lite, Cinco, Bandit, Roller-Coaster, Hamster Race and a free Lucky Pick game.

In the coming weeks, Tombola Bingo will also be promoting £1,000 guaranteed cash prizes at the end of the month. On Halloween, October 31st, Tombola Bingo is designating 10 bingo games from 7:00pm to 11:30pm that will each carry the £1k guaranteed cash prize.

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